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Exclusive on Potato Patch #2



So this blog entry for today is somewhat a story about myself and a motivation speech or something. I was kind of confused if I would call this a random potato talk or an Exclusive on Potato patch and assuming you've read the title then you already know which I picked as a title. :P This blog entry is kind of a secret that I intend to share with the intention of teaching or conveying a lesson to everyone. This is also quite personal and I trust everyone can be trusted with this information about me :D 

Two years ago, 2015 when I was still 15-16 years old I was facing a lot of troubles on my own. Ever heard of Fifteen by Taylor Swift? Yeah, that was pretty much what I was listening to that time obviously cause I can relate much to it. Everything was new. I've experienced having internet friends, my high school life had become a little interesting and soon I was about to graduate from Junior High. I've had this first forum around somewhere. I was culture shocked of course. Who wouldn't? Growing up I wasn't familiar with blondes, brunettes, red heads, colored eyes aside from brown or black and different skin tones. On my first forum I was a lurker. I would randomly like posts and just be online quietly, watching what these people would talk about all day without me really having a two way interaction with them. Of course some forum members noticed and I've received some posts on my profile and I can still remember how happy I was that somehow I got noticed not in a strange or weird way. 

Along those lines I've grown close with a specific person in that forum and eventually he became my boyfriend. I knew back then that online relationships doesn't really work but naive as I am I still embarked on a relationship. Being inlove is fun. It made me think that I was lucky and for the first time I was really loved. Every time I would receive an I love you my heart fluttered and brings shivers to my spine. The idea of me getting jealous was fun and everytime he would console me on how I shouldn't get jealous was something new to me. In other words, I was childish and naive. Time passed until I discovered that he was cheating on me. That event caused too much drama since many of my close online friends found out and they've cause quite a rampage in that forum causing me to take refuge here. We broke up of course and that chapter of breakup was followed with four consecutive breakups until June 2016. My most painful heartbreak.

Reading this far I bet you wouldn't think about me having this many boyfriends in just a short time huh? Well, guess you wouldn't know a person until you really know them :) Looking back now I really want to strangle my 16 year old self, put it in a sack and throw it in a river somewhere. I was young and I was seeking for attention that those boyfriends gave to me in a short period of time. :) I am quite unreasonable and I never really learned from the last. I cried a lot of tears, gave a lot of efforts and felt a lot of feelings inside. Being young and inlove is fun just for the sake that it is fun and self rejuvenating. Being young and inlove can make you think that somehow this thing before me will last forever and somehow it'll eventually work. I want everyone to know that love, relationships and your attitude now are all temporary. Everything can change even people. Knowing that everything is temporary I suggest you hold on to it while you still can and when it's time to let go you just let go. Love is wonderful and intimate. Love start with one step and another. I suggest you start with the step of loving and accepting yourself :D 

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Again well said and brilliant entry  Rey Dear. <3 I commend you of telling us this or at least some of us about yourself and your life when you were younger. I tell some people about my past with relationships I've been in and tried though some is personal so I wont probably explain too much about it but you given me strength to speak about it. So thank you for that. ((hugs)) I've only been in two really and my first ever one was in my late twenties. I never really knew what it was like to be in a relationship with someone or even be with a guy. So I was all new to it. It was going alright I thought at first and then learned it was not the case at all and turned really ugly is all I can say.. Was really hard on me and I had to leave since I really had too since it was very toxic. But I learned a lot from it and what I want and don't want from a guy. That was in person and the other one I met online so dated him for 4 months then he left saying he wanted his ex back and could not stop thinking of her. I felt really crushed and even more crushed when never once he said he does care or did but just can't no more with me.. I always felt after that I was just a second choice to him and just an a experiment for him to try and move on from his ex. But I really don't know the truth even to this day. Who really knows what happen or what he was thinking or if I ever met to him. I also learned a lot from it as well.

For you meeting someone online is pretty cool. Most people would not do that but I don't think its wrong to try it. My mother and now step father met online and still are happily marred for 17 years coming up this December. They made it work and it is living proof LDR can work out. But still its my opinion but really I think it can work if people have trust, communicate with each other and are on the same page. Plus other things as well. I'm sorry you got cheated on that's horrible and I don't like when people do that since it totally disrespects the person your with and shows you that they really don't care  for you at all. If you truly loved the person your with you would never do that or even think that. Again my opinion. But true if you ever do meet someone online again I don't think it would be bad to try again but its up to you and what you truly want. By you saying you were 15-16 years old at the time I'm guessing your still pretty young, and have so much more to  learn and experience in life. VERY true and 1000% agree with you. You need to love yourself first before you could ever love another that's really important. I used to not love myself at all really but now I do, then  when I was younger. I still have off days since no one is prefect but I really love myself more  and proud of what I've became since all the stuff I've been through the good and the bad.  Your are really a wonderful person Rye and I love reading your entry's on here and learning more about you or what your opinions on stuff is. Things will go good for you I just know it,  your really full of life and I think strong as a person. Plus very smart for your age.

Well take care Rye dear and thanks again for a lovely entry for your blog~ <3 

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Awww, *hugs* Thank you so much for the kind words Sleepy wolfy san! :D Relationships is somewhat half a gamble and half confidence. You never really know which is which. :D

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Pretty nice post. I have not really been in serious relationships. I only remember one really, and other than that things were mostly one sided.

l just learned to be happy on my own, since the low level of need for social interaction would cause things to fall apart, not to mention that I try to deny my own feelings, knowing that nobody would be able to fully put up with me.

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Thanks Bryce-san! :D

17 hours ago, brycec said:

knowing that nobody would be able to fully put up with me.

I don't think that is the case. :) I'm sure it's somewhere out there, waiting ;) 

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Thanks, Rye.

You are probably right, but it would be difficult to find. My main concern is that I would not feel happy with them, since things might just end up like they are at church, where I am told I am not a saint over and over, instead of what I realized about people, which is that we are all perfect, in spite of our flaws.

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