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Exclusive on Potato Patch #1



So lately I've been busy with school. I didn't have much time visiting here on AF and it is possible for me to be a lot more busier than before causing me to  maybe visit less often than I can before. This is a big change for me since AF has been a part of my daily life ever since 2015. Of course, I wasn't that active before. I can even still remember myself being so unsure and scared whether I'll join the various threads this forum had to offer before or not. I was scared of course. Maybe they won't agree with my comments and suggestions. Maybe they'll find me weird enough not to talk to me. 

AF wasn't my first forum that deals with anime. My cousin and I decided to troll around here for the time being because I was having a hard time on another forum which I was a member of that time. I needed a place that I can hide to for a while. The goal wasn't even set for me to reach a year here but I guess things changed. My name back then was MaskedMalevolent which I find too childish after a few months that I changed it to RyePotatoes afterwards. The Rye is the first three letters of my real name, Ryelle. The Potatoes is because I feel like a potato. xD There's no special meaning behind it actually :P 

After some time the trolling changed when I met new friends in here and I've even established a family tree around here. It was more than what I expected it to be. In the past two years I can't say that I have been active everyday and for me that was fine. The forums grew and that 500+ members on the forum statistics doubled and there were a lot of new members again that I've met. There were dramas and all but I thought Internet life is just like that I guess. :) I've actually missed the old friends I had here. :D Including those friends that changed and moved on with their lives and I can't say that's the best part of it. 

I hope this blog entry helped you to get to know me better by knowing why I joined AF. :) I can't say this is my best asset but I thought it'll be better for you guys to get to know my darkside ( which became my reason for joining this forums) once in a while rather than thinking I'm such an angel or anything. :) 

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Rye! This was great! A really nice insight into your time here and outside of AF :)

Thank you for posting!

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1 hour ago, RyePotatoes said:

@Nectar thank you! I would love to hear about your insights too though :P 

@SleepyLeoulf arigatou sleepy wolfy san! :D Your entries are much more brilliant though :D 

@RyePotatoes Thank you I appreciate that, though I don't think they are, heh ^^;; But yeah I just speak my mind is all and your welcome Rye dear~

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I think that pretty much all of us speak from our mind in some way. Funnily enough, a lot of people outside of here seem to say that they like my content.

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