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  1. This is my halo to airflare COMBOS! I know im like super late with this one, but I recently got done watching MOB PSYCHO 100 and YOOO~ do I like this opening. The show is really good too! I hope you all enjoy my progression while listening to this amazing band cover! Everyone did an amazing job with it! If you guys enjoy this cover, feel free to check out CollaboDaisakusen channel for more amazing covers by other artists!
  2. This is Phoenix Ash's cover of the first opening song for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online called Ryusei by Eir Aoi. We hope you enjoy! Thanks friends for the inspiration and always keeping me motivated! Leave a like & share if you enjoy the video!
  3. Arvun's Cover of Odd Future from the anime series My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Opening!
  4. Akano's Cover of "Datte Atashi no Hero" from the anime series My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Ending 2!
  5. How many of you guys heard Boku No Hero Academia S3 Opening Theme ODD FUTURE by UVERworld!? This OP is sooo hype! I really love what Sam Luff from Studio Yuraki did with this english cover! NEVER FAIL TO AMAZE ME~ SOO READY FOR SEASON 3! Thanks for the support PLUS ULTRA!!!
  6. This is another video of me breakdancing while you guys get to listen to Anigam3 Remix of the Tokyo Ghoul:re ending, "HALF", originally by Ziyoou-vachi/QUEEN BEE. He totally did an amazing job and I'm always proud of his work! Go check him out for more anime OP & ED Covers/Remixes!
  7. Hey everyone, so Romix did an awesome job covering to Black Clover Opening Haruka Mirai! I only watched a few misdoes then it all went downhill for me, but I do love all the OPS & EDS for this anime! Enjoy and also go check out my channel for more Video Games & Anime Remixes! What anime are you guys currently watching? Feel free to let me know by leaving your comments down below. I would love to read them! Thanks and have a great day! Song: Black Clover OP - Haruka Mirai (Romix Cover) Original Artist - Kankaku Pierro
  8. This is one of my favorite song from Naruto Shippuden and remix by Marco B! I hope you guys had fun watching me do a quick session with power and blow ups! What’s your favorite Naruto Shippuden Opening or Ending? Feel free to let me know!
  9. HOLY~ you got a really good list going on! SADLY I only have a few on this list that i'm currently watching!
  10. I would honestly agree with you on this one! The anime is also REALLLY GUUUUD!!!!!
  11. How many of you guys seen the Kingdom Hearts III Trailer? If you haven't yet gooo check it out! HOLY~ The theme Don't Think Twice by Utada Hikaru was just majestic! Are you just as excited for this game as me? I would love to read your comments! Musciality just recently dropped a dope remix to it and this got me so hype that I decided to make a quick progression to it! Enjoy and also go check out his channel for more Video Games & Anime Remixes! Original by Utada Hikaru - Don't Think Twice (Kingdom Hearts III Theme) Artwork by: https://argus1002.deviantart.com/ Song: Kingdom Hearts 3 - Don't Think Twice Remix | Hip Hop/Trap | @Musicalitybeats https://youtu.be/8YUvCqoAT3A PREVIOUS VIDEO: Tokyo Ghoul X Attack on Titan X Kingdom Hearts Mashup [AndrezoWorks Mashup Remix] | bboytlil https://youtu.be/36Eo9spaK5M
  12. YASSSS! You'll be on a roller coaster with a ton of FEELS~
  13. Hey everyone, so AndrezoWork did an amazing Mash Up & remix to this beautiful track and i decided to make a short bboy progression to it! If you guys like AOT feel free to check it out! enjoy and have a awesome day!
  14. Akano and Xignality did a beautiful cover to the song Désir from the Anime Fate/Apocrypha ED! HOLY~ the chorus! Thanks guys for the awesome cover and for getting to watch this anime! Enjoy the cover and video! This is my dance progression! i hope you all enjoy and have an awesome day!

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