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  1. "Crushing feeling of disappointment" would be a very overdramatic way of describing the scenario I have in mind ... but I couldn't help but be a little disappointed at the end of My Hero Academia season 2. Because, I was so excited we would finally get a fluffy filler episode. AND THEN WE DIDN'T. DANG YOU GOOD WRITERS FOR WRITING EFFICIENTLY D:<
  2. CheesyTrees

    The Ancient Magus' Bride

    I'm enjoying this show a lot! If nothing else, the art is gorgeous and the little details in world-building (like the little types of creatures that appear in the background, etc.) really make it pop for me. I'm also not sure where the main plot's going, but I don't think I mind that too much :3 (It does make it harder to stick with it after one mini-adventure ends though...)
  3. CheesyTrees

    channel Anime Parodies!

    Wow, I suck at staying updated. Guess that means less spammy self-promotional posting on my part though, so I guess that's good
  4. CheesyTrees

    Anime Food

    Waaaaah those look so good! You're a wizard, Hyuuga! :3
  5. CheesyTrees

    How does your anime role model affects you?

    Hinata, the main character of Haikyuu, has always been really inspirational to me. He's very shonen-hero-esque, being a short volleyball player determined to be the very best like no one ever was, but hey it goes to show that shonen tropes work because they resonate with people One of my favorite anime quotes is when he says "I may be short, but I can fly!" or something along those lines. His growth in his skill is also fairly gradual in the series, so you really get to see the details of what he works so hard on to improve, and you see it's not a quick thing that just happens. I've gotten pretty discouraged about chasing my dreams a few times (YouTubing, if anyone's curious), and during one of those slumps, the song from Haikyuu's second OP "I'm a Believer" started playing on my phone and I broke down sobbing (talks about persevering, pushing forward in spite of obstacles, yada yah). Hinata's now on my phone background as a reminder to not give up and find ways to fly
  6. CheesyTrees

    Anime Food

    Out of curiosity, if you watch food anime, do you ever find the food logic to be questionable? :3 I sometimes wonder, but for the most part I just accept it without question since I don't know better
  7. CheesyTrees

    How Did You Get Into Anime?

    Wow, it's amazing hearing what anime means to some of you ... I'm honored to have gotten to hear bits of your stories I didn't get into anime in any interesting way; I tried getting into it for a while because I liked the art style, but I couldn't really handle the shows I tried getting into for a while. SAO was the first anime I was able to finish, and then from there people started giving me recommendations and I thus traveled down the slippery slope of otakuism
  8. CheesyTrees

    Anime Food

    Food Wars has taught me that if my food doesn't disrobe people by the sheer force of taste, it ain't good enough ... In actuality, it kinda just makes me wish I had a good food logic that didn't require me staring at a recipe to make anything :3
  9. I only skimmed the essay, but it was definitely a fascinating read, especially as someone who stopped watching the show pretty early on. It's certainly disappointing, as I heard that, like you implied, XYZ was going in a good direction. I guess the purpose of the Pokemon anime now is pretty much just to have some fun episodic Saturday-morning-like adventure to throw up on TV every week for kids to watch. If that's still their intended audience and the views are all they want, then hey, it works, I guess. It's not a great way to hang on to their original audience, though. Moral of the story to me seems to be, read Pokemon Adventures instead
  10. CheesyTrees

    Theres should be a Sequel to Angel Beats😭😭

    I'd love to see a short episode or something about the afterlife! I don't know if I'd want to see too much more, though, as the anime felt pretty complete to me. I think the manga has a little more on what happens after the finale, too, though I haven't read it ^^" Love Angel Beats, though; I think I might rather see a more detailed remake than a sequel though IMHO, but it's a bit too soon for that :3
  11. CheesyTrees

    Convention Experiences?

    I went to one anime convention a year and a half ago! One of the funnest parts for me was definitely cosplaying with friends and getting to see other people's cosplays. The art alleys are always great, too It was a little less magical than I was expecting though; there was a bit of a sense of comradery in being fellow anime dorks in general, but it didn't really result in any super fun conversations or new friendships starting, in my experience. So, it was fun, but really only magical if you've got a group of really good friends/excited friends to go with. ...Just my experience, anyways
  12. CheesyTrees

    What book are you currently reading?

    Rereading David Copperfield. I did enjoy my Victorian Literature class, but it was difficult meeting those crazy deadlines without SparkNotes
  13. CheesyTrees

    What even IS Gintama?!

    Unfortunately, you definitely need to give Gintama at least 3-5 episodes before making a judgment (and even then, as Wedgy said, it'd be a pretty incomplete judgment due to how spread apart Gintama's more serious arcs are). I agree that the first two episodes kind of throw too much at you, but after that the series goes back in time and starts re-introducing the characters a lot more slowly, so they're more like actual characters and less like a blur of names and faces with random catchphrases and tropes Also, agreeing with what Wedgy said that "you need to just go with the flow and not look for [the plot]." Gintama DOES eventually feed you background info and resolution, but it takes a VERY long time ... However, if you didn't even marginally enjoy the pilot, that's probably still a pretty bad sign for your compatibility with the show :3 Gintama does have a sense of humor that isn't everyone's cup of tea, so if you don't enjoy the humor much then it would be pretty hard to enjoy the majority of the show.
  14. CheesyTrees

    How are you feeling right now?

    Haha well, I figured I probably wasn't the only one. Good to know! What makes it slightly worse is that I'm pretty sure I've seen people posting AF in a way that was clearly talking about Anime Forums, and I totally understood that... just took a while to make the connection with the member rankings Aw, sucks to hear about the eye infection though. Is it hard adjusting to leaning on the use of one eye more than the other?
  15. CheesyTrees

    How are you feeling right now?

    I feel really dumb right now. I'm guessing this may be a common rookie mistake ... but I kept thinking all the member rankings (e.g. New AF Member, Regular AF Member) meant new as f*** member, etc, and I kept thinking everytime I saw it, "that's kind of annoying it's on so many of the rankings, I don't want to be seen as THAT new or THAT regular." Then I realized. IT STANDS FOR ANIME FORUMS. IMMA JUST GO BANG MY HEAD ON A WALL NOW *bangs head on wall* Okay, I'm done.
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