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  1. *pokey poke*

  2. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu) Quite enjoying so far.
  3. Ishtar

    Kingdom Hearts

    1 & 2 yes, I have never finished the side games though. They didn't feel 'right'. I am dying for them to put 3 out.... But I am not holding my breath (or on a sequel for The World Ends With You which was also fantastic!)
  4. I think the SAO arc was too short. Also, I felt that it was a little too relationship based. I felt cheeted in that there was in my opionion very little exploration of the world and any real feel of MMORPG. The MMORPG basis felt very... token? Fight scenes were minimal and all relationship based mostly, not many epic battles or anything. Basically I liked the first half, even though I wanted more fighting. I really got iritated the second half and didn't really enjoy it. I hadn't watched expecting it to be so shojo, I would have watched something else if I wanted fluff. I expected it to be more Noir, Evangelion, Bebop... Just more action. EDIT: On second thought, I realised that my reaction to this has been similar to a lot of the newer shows I have watched... maybe that is why I watch very little now-a-days. The shows that try to blur the shojo/shonen lines seem to fail more... maybe I am just getting too old lol
  5. She did a wonderful job re-inventing MLP. Ranbow Dash FTW, even though Twilight is my theoretical soul mate =P My life since in bullets: Managed a book store I am a qualified library technician (though now with move it probably won't get used for a while... if still in Sydney heaps of jobs, here not so much =( I recently quit the book store Darkstorm got a job transfer We have moved and bought a house Was asked to become a godmother to my cousin's daughter (baptism on Sunday) I am now engaged to Darkstorm And I have a job interview for somewhere I don't really want to work at today (but with a house/morgtage money is money for now).
  6. Ishtar


    An hour means it is no longer 'fast food'. Restaurant would be faster! lol
  7. *nods her greeting then slinks back to the shadows*
  8. Les Miserables. Absolutely loved it
  9. Ishtar


    <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="Optic" data-cid="1788" data-time="1358353185] How often do you go to the Cinema? Typical pricing to see a movie? Do you usually buy food and drink from the Candy Bar? Ever experienced a disruption? (e.g. fire alarm, technical fault) Your most favourite movie at the Cinema? [.......] Your most favourite movie at the Cinema? District 9. It was the only film I've watched in the Cinema twice, and again on Bluray. It was that good. </blockquote> Depends on what we want to see and how soon. I admit we are rather naughty in this house so not as much as should in Sydney, $17-$18.50 for Event. Where we have just moved it appears that our closest/easiest to get to one is a standard adult price of $8.50-$11.50 3D (also Event... weird that)! Slurpy after raiding Woolies/Supermarket both of the mentioned actually Tangled or Wall.E (I really am an adult I swear. Just Disney/Pixar usually gets me to fork out the actual money lol) It was that good you have seen 3 times, or that good you saw in the cinema twice?
  10. Ishtar

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Occasionally, with Dark but not often any more. Mostly Boardelands 2, or Torchlight 2 for co-op atm with us. Still do TF2 occasionally with a friend and her gaming group/guild thing on their private server.
  11. Black... Even though it is technically not a colour ^^
  12. Ishtar


    Rant: Is going crazy because it isn't soon to be owning a house.... it IS owning a house now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ishtar


    Hyper Rant: We just got approved for our home loan!!!! House here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Me? I know a bit, but never really researched. I do have an eye on a tea history though I do have a tea plant though. Camellia sinensis. I managed to get a very sick one from a nursery for $1. It was very, very sick though. Much better but it appears will never grow big enough for me to harvest (since tea is from all the new foliage). Maybe once we transplant to the ground (or buy a new healthy one). English breakfast tea, full cream milk, two sugars is my absolute favourite tea. One to one and a bit depending on how well steeped/brewed =) Unless it is ages, two is too sweet
  15. Ishtar


    Hyper rant: OMG! I nearly own a house! *prays it works out*

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