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  1. Gintoki Urameshi

    What does everyone think of Dragon Ball Super?

    I like evertyhing about it except for the fact that all the other saiyans in the other universe can turn into a super saiyan like it's nothing.
  2. Gintoki Urameshi

    Whats your favorite Anime Genre?

    Historical something like Ruruoni Kenshin.
  3. Gintoki Urameshi

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    Great! I just saw the first episode and it is somewhat similar. Thank you!
  4. Looking for a new anime to watch...

    1. Optic


      What genres are you into? :)

    2. Gintoki Urameshi

      Gintoki Urameshi

      I'm into action, comedy, historical, fantasy, mecha, magic and martail arts.

  5. If you were an anime character who would you be?
  6. Gintoki Urameshi

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    I'm looking for an anime that's similar to rurouni kenshin. I've seen hakouki but is there anymore like it?
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