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  1. It took an entire year and a bit. But I found out all my racial make up is legit

    and not just fancy words on paper. :)

  2. Summary of your day

    Family history research and cooking sums up my day nicely.
  3. Gonna be away for a while. Got stuff to take care of in reality.

    Mostly work and study consistently.

    I might pop in every now and then, but I don't take that as legitimate.


    See you all for now.

    Had some great memories on here


    1. Optic


      Awwh, just when I thought we'd see more Aussie members. :( Do take care.

    2. Sidney B. Gone

      Sidney B. Gone

      I am not so busy anymore. I did what I had to do.

      Now I can spend more time on here.

  4. Hi. I've been away on and off.

    I noticed the signatures and avatars were shaped to comply with the site dimensions?

    It is nice and it's good to be back!

    How have you been? How was your Christmas?

    1. Optic


      Hey, season greetings! Yes it went well, nothing extraordinary but was relaxing nonetheless.

      Regarding signatures yes it's a toggle in the options, let me know if you're having issues with the sizes and content, I may be able to adjust to be more flexible.

  5. What’s your favorite food?

    Banana and Raspberry Scrambled Eggs with Chilis Something I made myself and it was amazing!?
  6. What is your favorite book?

    Stephen King: The Tommy Knockers, Buick 8, IT. Clive Barker: Mister B. Gone
  7. The last movie you just recently watched

    Jumanji. (The new one) God it was such a funny and awesomely done film! 10/10
  8. Books and Vulgar Content

    I am maybe a bit too sensitive to pedophilia, as a whole discussion basis I think. I can't really handle any jokes, novels or movies about the said subject matter. I wouldn't condemn anyone that chooses to write about it. That's their business and opinion. Like Stephen King deals with the theme a lot in his books and film adaptions. I don't like what he puts in there, on the other hand he is a genius in writing. He puts a new spin on the taboo and lets you see it in a different light entirely. Hence, why he will always be a "master" to me.
  9. Bound together in tribulation

    beg to see beyond the sky

    (Crown the Initiate)

  10. Chit Chat

    I usually add honey to everything. Especially during breakfast, with cooked apples and eggs yum! Also chili to that lol
  11. How are you feeling right now?

    Overly anxious to get my dna results back from the lab. So I can be a complete person, because my entire life, I've just been half of one...
  12. Been a while since I visited here. Still being creative, even when away though

    and listening to tunes <3

    New additions: Anna of the North and Black Crown Initiate

  13. The Endlessness and the Forgiven

    Interesting. I'd love to see them. Always good to share a writing from another writer.
  14. Nice sig? Do you draw a lot like, similar stuff?
  15. Ask the Potato~~

    What time do you usually wake up from the potato patch?
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