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  2. Thanks I saw you animations on YouTube when I clicked on the link,your a very good animator:)
  3. Where I I'm learning to animate to make an anime show of my own soon
  4. I'm an artist I've drawn anime for three years.
  5. Asayuna


    I showed my friend Raven,she said that she ships it,what does that even mean?Do the get put into a box....I've been hearing that at school my whole freshman year.
  6. Asayuna


    I showed my older brother and he was like "that's a boy!Your doing those kind os drawings now!"Seth is actually the first character that I made look really feminine,I ran out of ideas for my story,there could be some funny ideas on what could happen to this character.
  7. Asayuna


    Thanks sorry for the late reply
  8. Asayuna


    Thanks sorry for the late reply
  9. Hey! Welcome to Anime Forums! I see you're already pretty well settled in, so I'm glad. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to send me a message ^^

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