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  1. Theale

    Japan Q & A

    As of now, I really want to end up living in Japan, and am thinking of pursuing engineering as a way of getting to work in Japan, but if that doesn't work out, what other jobs (other than teaching) do you think a foreigner like me could work at and make a living in say, Tokyo?
  2. Hi I'm looking for an anime with genuine, funny comedy but also with a more serious plot or mood, kinda like Your Lie in April
  3. So, with the popularity anime rising and becoming more and mainstream in recent times, I've been wondering what'd it be like if anime aired regularly on national television channels (Think NBC, ABC, etc.) in place of normal TV shows, and wasn't available on any streaming services (including pirating websites). Would it be great that you could flip through channels and discover new anime whenever you feel like it, or would it suck that you wouldn't have any episode readily available whenever? How do you think having a more mainstream audience would affect the style and/or quality of shows? Personally I think it would be cool that you would be forced to wait more often for the next episode and such and that it would draw out satisfaction. (btw this is from an American perspective where anime isn't aired regularly other than in a few scarce blocks, so if you live in Japan I guess this doesn't apply as much)
  4. weebs amirite

    1. RyePotatoes


      Hey there :D Welcome to the Forums :D Your avi looks familiar. Is it from shokugeki no Soma?

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