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  1. It's really hard to understand, but it's kinda cool they tried to memorize authentic Japanese. This skit was hilarious to me the first time I saw it.
    Honestly, I have rarely ventured outside of action anime, but I really enjoyed this. Im not sure how it compares to other anime in this genre, but I appreciated for its unique idea. Some parts were a bit cliche I think, but a lot of the humor was very well placed. It's definitely worth a watch, there are lots of good laughs, but its not something I would run and tell my friends about immediately.
  2. Anybody into Tekken? I got rid of Tekken 7 but have been excited to try Tekken 8. The trailer came out a little while ago.
  3. wow, that was pretty good. I wasn't expecting that. I actually like the contrast between this video about chasing happiness and the vid viruxx posted. You've got this old dude who is able to give of himself and spread love to others and then there is this close up into this "me" centered society highlighted in the happiness video.
  4. Its a bit of a quirky anime, but I started watching Love is War a little while back. It's just something a little different for me. Perhaps its a bit old, not sure, but I am way behind on current anime right now.
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