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  1. Maybe, but I'll stick with what I'm used to. I like familiar things, not really new things. I don't like having to get used to things all over again. Besides, mom and dad just got me the Switch, which is the last console I'll ever get because the consoles are above our price range now with dad not making as much. So, I appreciate it, but I'm sticking with Nintendo. :P

  2. 4 hours ago, ReverzerO said:

    Good luck, these are fun games for sure😊 I already 100%  both x & x-2 on ps vita😉

    My PS Vita's battery is shot, so it doesn't hold a charge. Ever since mom and dad got me my Nintendo Switch I've been taking really good care of it and being careful about not keeping it plugged in while at maximum charge. In fact I disconnect it when it reaches 85% to 90% battery charge. I've already reduces the maximum battery life down to 85% though from keeping it plugged into the dock at full charge too often. On their official website, Nintendo states that the battery never depletes. So, that's clearly a deceptive disclaimer on their part. But it's an awesome gaming console regardless. Before I had my Switch I played my PS Vita all the time. lol But now I play my Switch all the time. I never got to completing X or X-2 on Vita though. I was glad when I saw X and X-2 for Switch after I got the console. :D

    And I've managed to get Slice and Dice as well as Energy Rain for Tidus. Blitz Ace is next!!! Then I'll progress to Besaid.

  3. 5 hours ago, Dimitrios said:


    @Wild Emotion& @Animedragon

    Thank you both for your words!
    Once again, extremely sorry for not being too active, I had a LOT of issues going on, causing me to get hospitalized. 
    But I'm back! And hopefully for a good while :) <33 Much love!

    Not to worry, I know I'm not going anywhere, and I'm fairly sure the rest of us aren't either. Though I can't actually speak for everyone, since that wouldn't be my place. I'm confident that you'll always have people to talk to here though. ^^ It's definitely good to hear from you though, Dimitrios. Though I am sorry that you got hospitalized. That never happens to be enjoyable.

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  4. Ok, well, this is embarrassing. The father of the girl at the clothes shop (or in other words, the one you talk to about getting a dress for Cloud) appeared, but I didn't notice he was behind the counter last time. So I might have restarted for no actual reason. lol I thought the game glitched on me, but I only remembered where the owner of the clothes shop was incorrectly. He moves from behind the counter later on, trying to show Aeris a dress he thought she should try. So, that's really embarrassing and humiliating. lol Oh well, at least I didn't cheat this playthrough.

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