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    Highschool DxD
    A certain magical index
    Is this a zombie?
    Code Geass
    Angel beats
    To love ru (all seasons)
    Your Name
    Accel World
    Absolute duo
    Maria Holic
    Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai (both seasons)
    and much more.


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  1. Can't wait for it to come out it's been long overdue to make this into a OVA.
  2. Thank you so much really thank you ill start looking at those.
  3. Thanks for all your responses and I don't really mind what genre or what type of game just some random games that you like and if I haven't played it ill buy it and play it.
  4. I want help trying to find interest hard games don't have a list because I want to know what you guys suggest and see what you are into.
  5. space dandy is one of those space ones funny but it goes through time jumps some others could be evangelion series and one more Trigun has like 2-4 scenes with space battles but they came from space anyways its a good one good comedy to.

  6. Welcome here hope you fit in well.

    1. johnnyg007


      Thanks friend, just gaining interest into anime and half way through Cowboy Beebop, LOVING IT!!! So I am merely here to pick brains and see if this is another hobby I could get into. I have no real knowledge of the hobby but rememberd watching it 10 yrs ago on adult swim so i figured what the hek!

    2. White_Raven


      Ya I getcha if you need any recommendations don't be afraid to ask and if you need to ask me something ill try my best i've been watching anime for 6 years so ill try and help.

    3. johnnyg007


      epic space battles and awesome visuals. what would you recommend?

  7. Today's one of those days where i feel like sitting around what about you guys?

    1. RyePotatoes


      I feel like sleeping actually.

    2. White_Raven


      I just started to get sleepy I don't know what I should do XD.

  8. Today's been a lazy day for me and finished an anime any suggestions on what to watch?

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    2. White_Raven


      That was good.

    3. RyePotatoes


      It definitely is! Finished it already!

    4. White_Raven


      Right when I first started it I couldn't just stop in the middle of it.

  9. Ya I know i have my list on my profile and I have way to many to list ill place them on there now.
  10. That''s awesome it's actually cool that you watched seasonal anime since 2012 I absolutely love people who binge watch anime because then other people can see what anime's you like and thank you for your response I'd love to know what other anime's you like and which other anime's you've binge watched.
  11. I've binge watched Death Note so many times I love it, it has such a good idea behind it and I've never watched Attack on Titan I've thought about watching it soon and I think I will a little later after I clear up some space thank you .
  12. Thank you and ya I hope you settle in well .
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