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  1. @AniMeFReaK @Vivi Hyuuga #asthmagang I have asthma aswell guys, gang gang
  2. 1. I'm a large person. I stand at 6 feet 4 inches, and I weigh in at about 240 US pounds 2. I'm a conspirator. We are not alone in this world. there is some greater force that pulls the strings. and i swear to the all holy forces i've seen a ufo 3. I've been playing pokemon since i was a small child, if i were to die and go to heaven, it'd be the Unova Region or Kanto. all are pretty great (except kalos) 4. memes are keen. you know you have a problem when you use memes in day to day life 5. i used to be the ultra weeb. i watched every anime and was all about that japanese lifestyle. I've toned down for the most part, but i have my moments
  3. BabyMetal may be good, this song in particular is like a 8/10. BUt can you go wrong with some Black Sabbath or Jimi Hendrix? In specific, Iron Man, By Black Sabbath
  4. el_zaiah

    ps4 games

    I'm soon going to buy a ps4, but the real qustion is hat games should i get?
  5. I could see this happening, this sounds like a character i'd like. but maybe you should dive into with insects and bugs he uses. Also i could see him keeping like glass bottles of bugs and stuff that he uses as like insect-nades. Just imagine "Catch" *tosses bottle of angry cow killer ants at your feet*
  6. Yo, i had this mildly ok idea for a plot. it goes a little like this: Year is 2070 something, world order is based off corrupt priviliged folk, anarchy ensues a gang of thieves, gang is hunted down and crap, and leader goes into hiding. ten years later he reappears and atempts to revive the gang. it's still up in the air, and it'd be cool if any of you would like to chip in

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