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  1. I just had a discussion with Yuuki abut this and I must say that SAO wins by far. Yes most of it was a disappointment but it won hands down. Log Horizon was also really enjoyable (Please nte that I am not very strict/critical about my thoughts and ratings on anime) although it did have some huge let downs. For one, you never find out what exactly happened. Two, there was no ending... at all. Imagine this *spoiler alert* One of the MCs vanishes for some mysterious reason, you never find out why in the rest of the season and waiting for the next season which never comes. To me, SAO seemed very realistic and immersive where as Log Horizon seemed more like you are actually "playing" the game yourself. That being said, it all really depends on the person who is watching. SAO would be the console and Log Horizon the PC. Log Horizon would appeal more to people who play games such as LoL and DOTA whilst SAO would include those and then some. All in all, both great series and both are worth watching.
  2. as of this week i have been spamming this place for about a year.

  3. "Because right now its the signature this forum deserves, but not the one it needs right now"
  4. This happens to me often but nowadays I really only watch on weekends. I have found that the more I want to watch the more it is pointless too. I cannot stand cartoons. Not sure why. The ones we had as kids were fine but the rubbish that airs nowadays is atrocious.
  5. Modyrts

    Tech Iz Life

    That was actually done on purpose as I know with the modernization of the workplace and such, many people have multiple cellphones. Some have multiple for other reasons. I was just curious to see the average that people carry. I was not aware the poll had to be related as in many of my threads they are not. However should you feel it needs editing I shall not complain. Not at all. It could be a television set or a PC or even a fridge (maybe if you stretch the bounds of what a gadget is)
  6. futile efforts... I have already won. I know not the feeling of defeat, only they pleasure of you bowing before mine - me
  7. Firstly, WTF DID I JUST WATCH!?!?!?! XD Easily the weirdest thing ever, anyone remember Nyan Cat??? I could not hold in my laughter from the get go. I dont feel like it is pedophilic however I do feel like that should be watched in 3D while high as can be on a trip of note. That being said, the animation style, apart from whatever that was, was not too bad. I am going to say that I enjoyed that video however that song was purely pointless and the combo for a druggie. I apologize to anyone who took offense from this post.
  8. We all experience it one-or-another time in our lives. Finishing a series that you found so good or rather enjoyed so much, you feel as if life is no longer worth living afterwards. Personally I have not experienced this in almost a year or two which was about the time I started watching anime. For the first time in ages i have experienced this again today after completing Kuroko no Basket Season 3. It was nothing tear jerking (imo) however it deserves every positive rating and every star behind its name. Some of you may not have experienced post anime depression. Some may be thinking: "What does that even mean, Post Anime Depression?" To me, besides the obvious, you experience a feeling of loss of purpose and lack of motivation to do anything after watching. It feels like everything you do in life is pointless as your life shall never amount to that of the characters you watch living their extravagant lives. After doing some research I found that this is one of the reasons so called "Experts" say that watching anime, or TV in general, or playing Video Games and such is bad for our livelihoods and mental well being. This seems logical but there are ways to counteract this feeling just as with normal depression. Have a change of pace, get out of the house and go do something with friends or family. Avoid anime or electronics in general as it hinders your Dopamine levels due to you receiving a high, possibly overdose, from watching a good show. For others, starting a new series may even work but often enough the quality of that series will not seem as good. The bottom line is that you can not let said depression get to you or it will effect your daily life as you will constantly have negative thought patterns. I do not claim to be an expert on what I previously mentioned and if I am incorrect, feel free to let me know in the comments.
  9. Finally finished Kuroko no Basket S3 and I must say, its almost a year since I have felt so depressed after finishing a series. Brilliant!!!

  10. Vote! Vote! Vote! Its time for change! Trump for president!!! (Not even from USA)
  11. Modyrts


    I struggled with this manga. This usually does not happen but I could not stand the slow paced beginning.
  12. Not yet. I will win. Also just saying.
  13. Firstly, welcome to the forums loligod I have never had the pleasure of conversing with a member of Deviantart so this is pretty cood . I was not aware games like those appeared under the E-sports title. Could you explain to me more about this. See you around and happy hunting.
  14. He who derps shall be the winner. And I be derping so I SHALL WIN!!! POWER TO THE DERP (bwahahaha)
  15. So today while getting my playtime done I hit a slight rage and slammed my custom PS4 controller into the side of the couch and broke the casing. Thankfully it was an easy fix and I managed to do it myself. Just had to buy the specialized Phillips #000 to do it best thing is, it only cost $1.50. This is the third controller I have managed to break since day 1.
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