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  1. Random Marshmallow

    So Much to Do (Help)

    OK I haven't been on a lot and I'm really trying hard to. There's just so much going on and i do so much things that i haven't had time for myself in a while. There's so much i want to do like looking at animes a few of you guys mentioned but i just don't get the time. Break for me is coming up soon and I'll have much more time so i wanted to say sorry. OK i also wanted to rant a bit about that ^^; sorry. I also want to say hello to everyone. Hello ^-^! I also hope I used the right category cause I wasn't sure what to make this. Still a little new at this!
  2. Random Marshmallow

    What's your favorite Animal?

    @Yamasan same. I really want a bunny but i've just never got one @SleepyLeoulf lucky
  3. Random Marshmallow

    What's your favorite Animal?

    I love bunnies!! I don't remember exactly how long I made them my favorite animal, but they're just so cute!!! I like them because not only are they cute and adorable, but they're just so pure. Ok, maybe those aren't the best reasons to like bunnies but can you blame me? Too cute. But hey don't get me wrong, wolves and sharks are cool too.
  4. Random Marshmallow

    So What's your Favorite Anime?

    @Beocat, sorry this is a little late. I haven't had enough time for myself. And it's fine if you can't chose any. The more favorites you have, the better in my opinion! Also @graphene and @SleepyLeoulf I haven't gotten the chance to look at the anime/manga because i hasn't really had time for myself in a bit. But i will look into both animes don't worry!!!!
  5. Random Marshmallow

    So What's your Favorite Anime?

    Figuring out how to reply by myself. I’m sorry if I’m doing this wrong!! Ok here we go. And thx for all the replies so far!! @SoullessMarshmallowgotta love those fight scenes. @Rudillahey, it’s all good if your not sure @grapheneim started reading death note actually!! I’ve just never got back into it. But it’s hard choosing between animes and having more than one definitely isn’t a bad thing @SleepyLeoulfwow I can tell your really in love with both series! I’ll definitely check out R.O.D The TV because it does sound interesting. I’ll also look up BloodC even though if I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of blood and gore. But I’ll give the series s try. Gotta try knew things!!
  6. Random Marshmallow

    So What's your Favorite Anime?

    Just wrote an intro and I'm already doing a topic. I'm not even sure what I'm doing but here goes nothing. So to get to know people better and so I can know you guys better, tell me what your favorite anime is and why you like it! Too start off, my favorite anime is Boku no Hero Academia (if you don't already know) and i like it because it's funny and not something you would except at all! And it's really addicting kind of. Alright i uh, hope this wasn't too bad ^^;
  7. Random Marshmallow

    Hello From The Newbie~

    “What’s upppp people in the forum!! It’s the newbie marshmallow aka Mellow over here! I was summoned here by a good friend of mine Soulless (who is literally Soulless. If she’s reading this and I know she is, hi). And well I like to eat...and uh..bunnies are cute..and I’m pretty weird so if I say something random don’t be surprised. I also love BNHA. If you haven’t watched it I totally recommend it. I was told by my friend that your pretty awesome people and I hope we can be friends as well!! ^-^
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