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  1. I'm in college right now so finding time to do this might be hard. The good news is that my weekend job is ending soon and winter break is coming up soon! So we should be able to start soon! Let me know what anime u want to do and what voices u would like to do as well. I have a sound booth at my school so i will be recording there. but don't worry able quality to much i can fix most of it in post. If you have a head set with a mic you should be good!
  2. If yes which one? Love Lab or Final Approach are my picks!
  3. I'm writing a book called Centaur L.A.W. Law stands for love and war. Its a romantic epic fantasy about 2 married couples that fight in many wars. It has a very pro life and save the planet stance. Tell me what do you think?
  4. Whats the most romantic anime you have ever seen? The only ones i've seen are: snow white with the red hair - the one feel like im back in middle school Nana - this one was good but i was hoping for a better ending spice and wolf - this one was cute but the ending was so so. Any suggestions? I real need the happily ever after right now.
  5. Omg so many ill start with these my nightcore playlist has over 300 songs on it. ill add more if you want!

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