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  1. What do you mean by "how it works"? Is there something shady about that kind of bussiness?
  2. I think it's better to include the honorifics, and the users above already put pretty good examples of why. Also ppl know they areding/watching manga/anime and that it comes from Japan and so it will have some things that cannot be translated and have to be included to get a better understanding of the scene or the character's personality... But, @brycec, I think it would be better if you tell us what was the part that looked awkward in that manga translation, bc otherwise, I can't think clearly of a example when honorifics are awkward...I imagine it's something related to the story or a sc
  3. The last movie I watched is Shaolin Soccer, it was pretty fun
  4. The first manga I completed was RG Veda (CLAMP)
  5. Something naughty? since she's naked and smirking...
  6. Idk, I guess I would risk it and sell the most expensives to get more more and get out of that situation asap? Which is your favorite anime/manga drawing style?
  7. Relieved bc I don't have more exams, but a bit down bc I feel like I didn't do as well as I could.
  8. I have never eaten one, but I would start with the head.
  9. The only one I can remember rn is Akizuki Nakuru. She's kinda mean, but she's cute and I love her:
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