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    I have too many that I call my favorite but one of my all time faves is Vampire Knight and Wolf's Rain.


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    I live in Michigan ^^
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  1. Should I keep reading or do I really want to eat something but then effort...
  2. I first got into anime when I was in elementary school if I am being honest since it first started out by a friend buying me a manga. It was Rurouni Kenshin and then I moved on to Inuyasha. From there I just kept expanding my anime likes and dislikes. Even used to stay up late and watch anime on Toonami when it used to be on late at night.
  3. I was pretty excited when I heard that there would be a season 3 for it because I felt that it ended too soon but I haven't looked at it yet
  4. I just started watching Darker Than Black after doing one of those videos on YouTube about if you sing you loose with anime openings. So far its pretty good.
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