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  1. Nami

    Airline Experiences

    I usuallly go with cheap airlines (so there's no free food ;p), but for a short flight they're just fine (EasyJet/Wizz Air). Last year when I went to Istanbul I was flying with Turkish Airlines (the food was delicious and the stewards were really nice (I asked for a cacao and one of them said they don't have it but an hour later he brought it to me, saying he found something like cacao :Đ)). I think I was flying with Air Iceland to America a few years ago and they were pretty cheap as well but I don't remember the service or anything at all And I had a few flights in America but I don't remember the airlines' names. I just know they had really delicious lemonade! In Slovenia we have Adria Airways and they're really expensive. I flew with them just once, because I won in a contest and the country paid for my flight to London. When I later got the bill (just so that I can see how much money they spent on me ), the flight costed around 1000eur. For two hours of flying (with EasyJet you can get a ticket for 50eur (for flying there and back)). But the service was still nice The only good thing with Adria Airways is that they are probably the only one here that have connected flights (When I went to America I went from Ljubljana to London, from London to Reykjavik and than finally to New York (and you have to wait a few hours on every airport). I wish we would have these "free miles/points" here too
  2. Nami

    Cat or Dog as a pet?

    ^ Sounds like so much fun! :Đ
  3. Optic

    Hey Nami, could you try putting a header image again on this new forum? ^^ You should be able to do it if you view your profile. Let me know if you run into any issues.

    1. Nami


      Done! ;D Didn't have any problems ;>

    2. Optic


      Awesome! :D

  4. Nami

    Shower vs Bath

    I also prefer shower \o/ I love to shower with a really hot water and if I'm taking a bath the water quickly becomes cold
  5. We also have a dishwasher in our apartment but it died 3 years ago and since we didn't replace it I guess no one really cares When the dishwasher was still working I really hated when I had to put the dishes in or out ... somehow I like washing dishes more than putting them in the dishwasher, haha :Đ but ofc it's more practical if you have a big dinners and stuff like that
  6. Nami

    Cat or Dog as a pet?

    I have some pictures on my CDs and I will try to find them! I don't actually know the type (appearently I didn't care much for that) but she looked like the one from whiskas commercial. Then I would recommend you to get a cat not a dog
  7. Nami

    Cat or Dog as a pet?

    It depends. I had a cat for a short time and I really liked it. I'm more of a cat person (since I'm afraid of dogs). The problem is if you live alone you have to be there for your pet all the time (especially with dogs). If you're more of a busy person, being out a lot I think it's better to have cats. They need less of your attention. But still it depends on the cat? My friend's cat sleeps all the time and my others friend's cat is like a dog-cat. Playfull, always around ... I don't know how is it to have a dog, but I know it's no good if you're a lazy person . One of my lazy friend has a dog and she really hates to take a walk with her dog in the winter or early in the morning But dogs are more happy to see you
  8. I'm a huge fan of ex-yu rock and lately I'm listening to one of my favourite band Bijelo Dugme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyawdmDZQoo)
  9. I have just started to learn swedish language and since I do it on my own I borrowed a book about swedish grammar (a good one, where everything is explained ), a swedish workbook (to practise) and a CD so that I can practise how to speak. And after a while I will probably download a few swedish series and hope to understand a little :Đ I know that some people are learining new languages with reading books (starting with children books and so on). That's probably okay if you already know the basics (or if the language you're learning is already similar to one you already speak).
  10. a sequel season to Tamers *,* that would be great *,* I also watched just a few episodes (because of the old chracters) and I think the season still might be better than the Digimon Data Squad
  11. Optic

    Nice header image :D

    1. Nami


      Thank you! :Đ I like it too ;DDD

  12. What languages can you speak and understand And also what is your proficiency? I speak slovenian (native), english, german (not like an expert ... xp), serbian + croatian (these two language are pretty much the same and are very similar to slovenian language ). I can also understand spanish (I watched spanish telenovelas a lot when I was young and I had spanish in school for 3 years) and I'm learning mandarin chinese (basic). I was also studying japanese for a month Any new languages you would like to learn? I would like to learn how to speak swedish, italian and french. Since no one speaks slovenian language we have to learn other languages ;D Have you spoken any basic phrases recently of another language (e.g. travelling)? Yeah, probably :Đ but just the basics ("My name is", "Thank you", ...)
  13. My school has an exchange programm with Gunma and because no one wants to go there I googled it and it looks really nice. Just want to see the place :Đ (everyone wants to go to Tokyo).
  14. Hello neighbour! :PP

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