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  1. At the moment, I only have time for mobile games and play Summoners War. I do occasionally play the 3DS and Pokemon games though!
  2. Thank you for the welcome messages! In reply to 'Your Lie in April' how could I forget this? It was amazing! And as for Naruto, I am quite annoyed with some of the filler content but I know the outcome having read the manga however, I believe a show like Naruto is better animated than reading it but many disagree! As for genres. I generally watch everything whatever the genre is including Dog Days which people on my gaming forum hate but I thought was weird and funny. My Hero Academia is one I believe I've gone through. I'll let you know ones I have read later today (just woken up) as there is a guy who recommends me a lot of manga to read.
  3. Welcome to Anime Forums! Glad to have you!

    1. Zynektic


      Thank you for the welcome!

  4. Good afternoon, I spotted the forum being showcased at another forum and thought that it looked cool, a lot of effort had gone into it and it seems a nice place so decided to register. I'm Rob, a fellow anime/manga enthusiasts that probably spends too much time watching anime but I can never seem to stop, unless the anime is currently airing then the sad little anime freak inside of me cries a little at the next 7 days of impatiently waiting for the next episode to feed my hunger! I cannot really give you a list of what I watch because I work from home and generally get through around 30-50 episodes of anime a day, possibly more as I barely sleep but a few of my favourites are as follow: - Durarara!! - Suzuka - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - Naruto - Kill La Kill - Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo And many more, those just come to mind. Anyway, I hope to meet some new people, engage in conversation over our favourite anime/manga and hopefully be introduced to little gems that I have missed!
  5. Hello Zynektic, welcome aboard. ;)

    1. Zynektic


      Thank you! As I explore more now that I am registered, I can appreciate the effort gone into creating the forum!

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