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  1. You know you didn't have to be nasty in private message, if you just want to correct people, I'm new I made a mistake.
  2. Thanks Twig! I was looking over your list, that's really cool. I don't own too many figures except for a Super Sonico $70 dollar one, some plushies and a bunch of funkos. I'd love to buy more like the Berserk statues by Art of War, but they are usually $500 to $800 dollars, way too much for my wallet lol. Do you happen to know what the best website is for purchasing figures? Is there any in particular that has sales? Also, all of your photographs you did for your collection look great!
  3. Wow there are a lot of great songs posted! This morning I was listening to the English version of "Fantasia of the Wind" by Lisa De Simone. I love a lot of the 90s English anime tracks.
  4. Hey everyone! One thing that I've always enjoyed checking out are anime items that aren't necessarily the anime films or comics themselves, but other merchandise that has come out here. I've been on a journey to find a compiled list online of some of the items, like say, all of the official wallscrolls that have been distributed in the US. I haven't had any luck finding one, so I was wondering if anybody out there has seen this kind of list? If not I was thinking of making one myself, but I'm still missing a lot of stuff like certain T-shirts, apparel, etc. I don't know how much interest there is in collecting these, but I always enjoyed them, and figured I'd ask the community. Also one reason I found it to be difficult unless you've been on top of it is that it seems like there are quite a few bootleg / rip off wall scrolls, shirts, etc on Amazon, Ebay and such. I imagine thats the same for fans collecting figures too, but normally if I don't know it's not 100% genuine I typically look up older catalogs (if I can find them) of the makers. Thank you for listening!

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