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  1. Mmm... This is a tricky question... I think it's a matter of knowing your priorities & time management. My hobbies are watching anime, series, drawing, and playing games. I think what worked for me best when I was a student was to watch anime/ series that are not completed yet, meaning I have to wait each week/s for the next episode/s. This helped me a lot in controlling myself not to binge-watch. I just do this when it's my vacation or I don't have anything due. As for games, this was really hard for me to control. I think what I did was I listen and focus during classes so that I don't need to study a lot during exams (for subjects that were easy), but I make sure I give enough time to study for classes that were harder. I reward myself after with playing games hard-core. And while I study, I try to watch something every now and then to not stress too much. I don't have much time doing sports/ exercise (well... because I'm too lazy for it) but I try to walk a lot to make up for being a couch potato. Sometimes, if I'm really motivated, I do some aerobics at home in the morning. I think it's simply discipline.
  2. In terms of storyline, I feel like the older animes have more depth on them. I feel like today's animes all have the same plots sometimes and some are so shallow. Well, ofc in terms of animation, today is better. But I hate 3D animation on anime! It makes them look like cartoons!
  3. I love RPGs! They're my first love. I played Ragnarok Online, ROSE Online, Angels Online, Final Fantasy, etc!
  4. I totally agree! I'm having my one month vacation now after my graduation & internship, but on Monday I have to go back to the sane routine because of work. Wow! Your body clock is really insane! That's something I used to do when I was working in the hospital!
  5. I want to watch Crazy Rich Asians, but it's going to be shown in France in October! Life is so unfair! 😧

    1. alupacard


      Excited for you! It was a really good movie ^^

    2. piiachu


      I'm really excited to watch it! 😃

  6. Dubs make me cringe all the time! I feel like it lacks emotions or Idk but something is lacking in dubs! I always prefer watching in the original version with subs!
  7. I think it's a defence mechanism on their part. I think this is most especially when we're not comfortable under our own skin.
  8. I only have two piercings (both earlobes) which is super duper normal for a girl. I don't think I'll get more. As for tattoos, I don't really like to have them on my body. Definitely not a fan of big tats, but I like some little cute designs like stars on wrist or ankle on someone (but not on me).
  9. It all depends. If I'm on vacation I sleep a lot. It doesn't matter what time I go to sleep, but I would always sleep at least 10 hours. When I have school or work, I have no choice but to wake up way earlier that I'm used to. The sad thing is I can't sleep earlier in the evening just to compensate, because I'm a night owl.
  10. Of course, especially Grave of the Fireflies! I cried a lot!!
  11. I'm soo lazy right now!! Making me all tired! 😫

    1. XII360


      ...psst, kid, want some drug anti-laziness medications that is totally safe ?

      ill trade it for some laziness

  12. SKIP BEAT, definitely! I love this anime!!!
  13. To be honest, I always prefer to be myself. And given the situation, I don't think I'll have enough time to act out a different character without acting more weird and awkward. I've always been ambivert but more of an introvert so I understand the situation. What I learned so far is that sometimes we need to take the first step out of our comfort zone. The first step is always the hardest like talking to strangers. But I think once you overcome this, the ride is much better.
  14. I just know it has been remade to Hunter X Hunter 2011
  15. Definitely, it creates more issues! Haha. But it's just so funny how they're so strict with alcohol but not with guns

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