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  1. It is a confusing series though. With fast changes in time and POV character in a short amount of time - not unlike Baccano but the anime fails to tie everything together. However, even the novels leave several things open and unanswered, very much intentional since its a long story where things get indirectly answered in later books (I've read only to book 6 so far and the anime leaves one arc out [a really good and important one!]). I can only recommend the LN; not only as good LNs but as good books in general with great writing.
  2. Can't really make a definite list with a ranking nor have I thought deeply about it but I liked: Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo (though I wasn't a fan of the last 3 or so eps.) Kimetsu no Yaiba One Punch Man Season 2 (held my expectations low since I heard some bad suff, so I was pleasantly surprised!) Yakusoku no Neverland Dororo Tate no Yuusha (even though I think it's not that good, I kinda liked it...) Kaguya sama And there's Boogiepop 2019... it's kind of in a limbo of being good and bad. Having read the novels beforehand (and I loved them. not just as good LN but as good books in general) I was kinda disappointed by all the good and important stuff that they had left out to the point that I actually think they made it unnecessarily confusing and weird. But the mood, meaning the music and how they framed everything was so well done IMO that I kinda enjoyed it even though I cringed every time they realized what they had cut out. I already forgot a bunch of shows that come out this year and that I had watched but if I forgot them, they probably didn't leave much of an impression on me...
  3. I think, as far as I understood you, this could also tie in, or rather is directly related with the prominent 'elitism' in the anime community. While anyone can say that someone else's fav. show is trash or what not, there definitely are very, very hardcore elitists who seem to be on a quest to desperately find the anime that they can say is perfect in every whatsoever (whatever that's supposed to mean...) while they try 'enlighten' everyone that everything else is trash. They're usually not that hypocritical because they are pretty clear on what they think is 'objectively good' animation, characters, story, etc... and are usually fairly consistent about it, however I think their premise, that they, through whatever divine intervention, know what is good and what is not, is simply fallacious. While the idea of discussing anime and somehow deducing what can be considered good (not what people have to like but of what we can say that it has good writing and what not) is important, these elitists seem to have done that by themselves rather than as part of the community and just split the community unnecessarily.
  4. Started Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo after finishing Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? (which was hilarious!). Liking it so far, very unique and interesting.
  5. Read 'I sold my life for 10 000 yen a year' and 'Soul Eater', both pretty good. I liked the soul eater anime but the manga might be my favourite shounen manga so far!
  6. I was wondering how it can switch from 40° to snow in a day - then realized that you probably meant 40° Fahrenheit XD Cold and gloomy here. Always raining during the night...
  7. Not a fan of presents overall, especially receiving them, so there's not really anything I want except to be with my family. Also, christmas food!
  8. The Zaregoto OVA that shaft made in 2017. Read the LNs recently, after all, it's NisiOisiN's break-through series. Love it, nearly a 1:1 adaptation (Though they had to scrap some of the narration) with shaft's unique style similar to the Monogatari series.
  9. 9anime has pretty much everything dubbed and subbed in high quality. Alternatively, you could just torrent them - you can get BD quality on most anime-focused torrent sites. The only problem is ongoing anime; torrenting every single episode is a hassle so I usually wait until there a batch after the series` finished.
  10. I use cheap ones when I'm outside my home since that's time where they're most likely to break and some high quality ones at home where I'm more careful. In the long run, I think that's the cheapest method.
  11. leinwandname

    coffee or tea

    Varies. There are times where I drink more coffee (black, without milk or sugar) and times when I drink more tea (usually Early Grey or some kind of Green Tea). I think I drink more tea during winter - somehow that kinda established itself as my holidays beverage of choice.
  12. It made krch in my mouth as I bit into the well done meat and something pierced into my gums followed by the iron-like taste of my own blood. I sighed like the idiot I was for not properly removing the bones from the baby's arms...
  13. Our school had something like an 'Afternoon care' for everyone under 8th grade where you basically stayed in school, ate and did all your homework for children whose parens worked long hours. So, during our free time there a friend and I decided that it`d be really cool to get into the gym, take these weird sticks with styriofoam around the tip and play "Jedi" - essentially fighting with this things while imaging some epic Star Wars Soundtrack in the background. We did this for about 15 mins. when I trippded and fell backwards landing on my back. My friend thought its a great idea to exploid this slip and thrust this stick right into my face shouting some stupid phrase (Probably among the lines of "Now you're done for" or "Hasta la vista baby")... the back of my head bashed against the floor and shortly after something felt weird in my mouth. Turned out, he nearly bashed out my upper front teeth. Later in the hospital they said that each tooth was basically dangling from only one nerve each (and several years later they said that I was lucky that I didn't need a Root canal treatment). The punchline: this happened on the 23rd of december so I could only eat soft white bread without crust at christmas eve. (and my entire mouth hurt throughout the winter vacation). Though honestly, we could laugh about this when we saw each other in school again.
  14. Jakob Johann von Uexküll (that thing from FlipFlappers has the name of the title) Wenzel. Knew someone with that name (weird guy - knocked out his own tooth with a defibrillator) and I just liked that name. Used to be a name that many German noble men in the 17th to the early 19th century had. Or ancient names like Aeneid, Cicero (if you want to pronounce it like he did, it's probably more like Kikero), Kafka, Æthelstan, Parzival (or the more 'modern' Percival) Especially Fairefiz, literally means 'colorful sun'.

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