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  1. Yeah, KyoAni is a considerably popular studio among animators due to their human work environment and often hiring newer animators too. (I think they have this program or facility where they train new animators?) From what I've read the arsonist was angry because KyoAni supposedly ripped off one of his ideas - He was supposedly a LN author who published online and had entered a competition were KyoAni allegedly stole his idea for an anime or something like that... Artists who killed people that allegedly stole their idea has happened in the part and there doesn't even need to be some kind of mentally ill person for this to happen, so perhaps he will have to face full punishment in prison, perhaps even capital punishment, rather than being incarcerated in a special facility for the dangerous mentally ill. But yeah, anything at this point is just speculation. We'll have to wait what the following weeks(s) bring. The arsonist himself suffered burns an is currently in a hospital so getting any info from him might take a while.
  2. According to nbs news and according to independent its over over 30 dead and over 30 more injured. 23 dead seems to be to common number overall now, though its always hard to assess the numbers in a short amount of time - putting out the fire usually takes some time... According to many new sited the perpetrator shouted "Die" (or "Die thieves") - now, one can assume many, many reasons why someone would do something like this but personal problems with a specific employee seems unlikely to me (though, its just my amateur opinion on this). Perhaps a disgruntled fan or an ex-employee? The motive and full extend of the damage will probably be be uncovered in the next few days. Also, one has to wonder, what effect this will have on KyoAni's anime production...
  3. leinwandname

    Vinland Saga

    Having seen the first two eps. I'm surprised how well its done - I kind of feared that it gets the Berserk curse of awful adaptions... It well animated, nothing that spectacular, and blends the CGI fairly well with the rest. They recreated the characters faithfully so far and the atmosphere is just right, IMO. They did change some things from the Manga so far, although its only the structure (I have't read the first chapters in ages but I think that they first two chapters were very different from the first episode). Looking forward how its going to continue!
  4. The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans 1814-1815 and Subaltern: Chronicle of the Peninsular War by G.R Gleig (especially the second book has a very beautiful, yet horrifying and depressing depiction about the reality of war at that time (and probably today) by someone who saw it first hand.) And two books I've waited for long: The Tavels of Ibn-Batutah by ...well Ibn-Batutah the man himself and The Thirteen Books of Elements (1 - 3) by... do I even need to say it That should fill my book craving (and empty my pockets) until next month. Originally wanted to save up for a Mechanical Keyboard and the next Durarara!! volumes but yeah... not going to happen for a time now..
  5. The roof top fight seen in the first Kara no Kyoukai movie is among my favourites. There are probably better, more epic and emotionally more impactful fights in the later movies, but that one got me hooked on the series and is still pretty darn epic Another one is Kagenui vs Araragi from Nisemonogatari - nothing's better than seeing Araragi getting beaten up! (though the resolution in the second part is the best part...)
  6. Kind of had to prepare a presentation about the very very interesting.... Wheastone bridge - wow... but I had to start and finish the first Durarara!! novel, so yeah - going to burn some night oil for this presentation...

  7. Stuffed tomatoes, smashed potatoes and lamb's lettuce with a cold beer (A Czech Pilsner Urquell, for the interested beer lovers)
  8. There are suprisingly many people who think Power Napping is just short sleeping (for some one - three hours!) while they should be between 20 to 30 mins. I guess many people think that they won't even fall asleep during this time or wouldn't get enough sleep - which wouldn't happen if they did it regularly... (power napping is something you learn over time and is shown to be immensely effective, while, as you wrote, any longer than that is actually energy draining) As for napping in general - I don't really do that. I try to get my 8 - 9 hrs of sleep, go to sleep at roughly the same time and wake up at roughly the same time and hardly ever feel tired during the day. Although there are days where I get wayyy less sleep due to assignments or studying but this also means that I can't nap due to them...
  9. I guess many anime fans tend to look down on people who like the 'big ones'? I mean, unfortunately many anime fans tend to be elitistic to some degree... Another reason is probably, that the big shonen anime run for so long that only hardcore fans keep discussing and memeing it - and if a studio like Toei is predominately known for shows like this, they tend to get overlooked. Unique (as not that OP or DBZ isn't unique but after a couple of years they tend to feel generic) like FLCL or Monogatari that aren't released regularely or completely different to anything before and after will stay relevant in discussions for a long time, because they are not that present on the release schedules. And with it their studios. Also, not necessarily anything to do about what we talked but I'm just gonna drop this
  10. I can only recommend it. Many older Magical Girl anime (at least the few 've seen) tend to be a bit repetitive. The fights might be nice but end always more or less the same way and characters do the same thing over and over again. In Cardcaptor Sakura, you have a different enemy every time (not the usual recurring Evil McEvilson, son of Evil Evilsen) and each enemy has to be approached differently. And the characters aren't annoying (Looking at Usagi from Sailor Moon...) and generally likable. And it has a it of nostalgic feeling to me. Not that I'vee seen it as a child but it gives me the same vies as DoReMi, and generally a naivé, laid back feeling.
  11. It's weird, at least for me, KyoAni's move light sided series tend to be really well done, but the more series movie or series (like Violet or Koe no Katachi) tend to be ... off. They're good, really good, but KyoAni just tends to put too much into the emotional scenes. Like, so much cliché and a soundstrack so loud that you think more about the music than about what actually happeneing. Is it just me, or is Toei Animation one of the least discussed studios, even though its among the most influential?
  12. Cardcaptor Sakura. Wanted to watch a Magical Girl anime, not really into the genre, and tried Futari wa Precure but this one got repetitive pretty fast, so I'm finally digging through Cardcaptor Sakura. Enjoying it a lot so far!
  13. Congrats on taking 2nd place in the LOTR Trivial Pursuit board 🥈

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