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  1. I'm almost finished with it and I think it's really great. Well written and expands on the characters in pretty much every way, having a new view point to nearly every scene and character. If you liked the manga/movie, I can only recommend it.
  2. Global, augmented reality with "simple" glasses (and, perhaps, in the Dennou Could universe in the future with contacts) certainly would be interesting, furthermore I think Dennou Coil made these cyber battles really interesting (I was recommended this show after I felt let down by "Summer Wars" and its depiction of "battles" in a bit more advanced internet). Finding a way to project a new texture over literally any object IRL, is probably a bit far in the future - having 3d creatures roam the streets actually seems more feasible after Pokemon Go- but it'd probably be pretty awesome. Although the safety risk would be monumental.
  3. leinwandname


    He already has that goofy look, although these kind usually have spiky, blonde hair and a crush on their red haired class mate 😁 I would prefer to be a different Edogawa though - older than he looks, witty and famous with the ladies 😂
  4. leinwandname


    @efaardvark Never seen this anime but the observatory looked something like that, except in white. (granted, observatories can't look that much different 😁) Maybe I'm the protagonist of the anime of a different universe? Or the goofy, dumb side character?
  5. Finished the 5cm/sec manga (only bought it because the 'One more side' LN was released). I recently started 'Blood Trail' by Oshimi Shuzo and its really good. Also, I'm soon caught up with the Detective Conan manga.
  6. leinwandname


    We've had an Observatory in our school - like, a really big one - and the people in our Astro-Club sometimes took long exposure shots of stars, certain astrological objects and events (Can't say I know that much about this kind of stuff - more on the engineering side of things when it comes to space and physics) with their phone through the giant telescope. (The observatory was basically one part of our school with it's own tower and it had to be rotate mechanically - so yeah, the telescope was huge). But with the correct camera lens, a tripod, a lonely place on top of a mountain with no towns nearby and a clear night you can get some nice shots of the stars without fancy equipment. I did some a few years ago when we went hiking for a few days. I used to do photography more frequently, I hardly ever do it lately, mostly of landscapes and birds. Unfortunately I basically lost all my files on my windows system, including every photo I ever took so yeah - I have nothing to show for... (at least I now have a reason to completely free myself from windows )
  7. After my Windows on my Laptop refusing to work for 1 week straight despite me and experts trying everything I/we could, (Still no idea why windows would never leave the boot menu) I decided to wipe the partition and give it to my trusty Fedora 30...

    Loosing all my music, wallpapers, saves and photos I ever took is a hard blow but at least I back-up-ed everything important. (Should have done that with everything though....)

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Oh wow, you even bitlocked it. I don't remember what I had used back then. You might want to search for something like "restore data from formatted hard drive" but most probably you will find tools that will try and sell you stuff. But if you have the time, you might give it a try and maybe even find some freeware.


      A quick search led me to this:
      (#2 seems promising. #1 seems to overwrite your files so be careful. I had good experience with the company of #3, EaseUS, but that was with their partition tool not with their recovery tool). Most of them have restrictions for the free version though. Be careful when executing them and read everything carefully so you don't wipe your current data 😂

    3. leinwandname


      Yeah -  a few years ago I though encrypting it was smart... for some reason I don't even understand myself anymore. Considering that it was wiped, and with it technically the encryption too, I tried to do some Linux magic but so far I had not success. I'll check out what you have posted. Messing with hard drives is usually dangerous, but since I gave the partition that had windows to my Linux I might be able to get some stuff. Thank you!

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      hope you can restore some of it. In any case, always make backups 😂

  8. ReCreators. Dropped it when I watched it shortly after it finished airing in 2017 but now I'm returning to it. It actually really good and I honestly don't know why I dropped it....
  9. Going to Luxemburg to visit relatives but apart from that ... staying at home and enjoy the blue, electric light in the cool shade of a darkened room. But work and study will cut my vacation in half anyway...
  10. Either a high fantasy, RPG-like world or something neo-tokyo-esque. If you could be any character (from any medium; books, anime/manga, movies, operas, etc. ...) who would you be?
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