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  1. leinwandname

    Do you play games? What kind?

    Mostly grand-strategy games (the Paradox games, Total War, etc. ...) and RPGs (the older TES games, and CRPGs), sometimes some VNs and building games (I user the Stronghold games to create maps and castles, and sometimes play some Sim City 2000/4), and I used to play a lot of JRPGs but not so much anymore. (well - I haven't played much lately in general.) I sometimes play a few rounds Magic the Gathering, and rarely some chess, with a friend. I've never been a fan of MMOs, nor shooters --I usually play single player games-- and the only online shooters I've played excessively were Verdun and Tannenberg, both games from the WW1 1914-1918 series.
  2. One day - one day when I'm not some poor student (and if I were more inclined to reach deeper into my pockets) I'll buy all the box sets there is in the world But seriously, the Flip Flappers and Made in Abyss box sets look really nice and its probably considerably cheap to a not so stingy person >.>
  3. leinwandname

    What anime are you watching now?

    Almost finished Durarara!!2x Shou and will then proceed with Durarara!!2x Ten - watched Durarara!! long time but never saw the other two season.
  4. leinwandname

    What's you favorite game?

    Hmm.... can't decide what my favorite game is but there are some in no particular order: Europa Universalis 4 - or most Paradox games like Crusader Kings 2, Victoria 2 and hearts of Iron 3/4 Final Fantasy 6 - my favourite FF game followed by FF VI, FF X and FF IX Morrowind - or TES in general, in the order Morrowind, Oblivion, Daggerfall, Skyrim, Arena Baldur's Gate 2 Kerbal Space Program (Happy to see that someone else also like to play it! Total War Shogun 2 - while it isn't, IMO, the best TW game, by far not and I wouldn't touch it without mods, it's still the one that's the most fun to me, followed by Empire and M2TW
  5. leinwandname

    If you were stuck on an island...

    So, does a "collection of x" count? I mean, I could say a collection of books, a collection of (some kind of) tools, a collection of elecronical devises plus solar powered chargers... For the sake of the game, and i think its the point of the game, I'll say I can't choose a "collection of x" or a "set of x" unless it's one object like a toolbox,. 1.) An E-Book-reader reader with thousands of books including books with instructons on how to build basic things like a shelter, fire, sandals, weapons, ect. .. 2.) A solar powered charger for said reader. 3.) A loaded gun just in case I want to die quickly. Initially I wanted to limit my options so I'd have think more about what I'd take with me, especially in terms of entertainment (mainly what book would I take with me since I can't choose a collection of books or an entire library. I'd have chosen the LotR book) but then again, the existence of readers and a solar powered charger makes this easier. So yeah.... the first part was kind unnecessary
  6. Never seen it, but I've heard mixed feelings about this one, some say its really good, some says its okay-ish... anyways, it's on my to watch list! Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  7. Seen it - really good stuff! Hanasaku Iroha
  8. leinwandname

    Living with the 'rents.

    Live with my parents right now, but intend to move next summer. Having your (social) entire life due to uni and friends from the uni in the city while you live in some dump 40 mins away (with the train from the city - not counting the time it takes from the train station to somewhere in the city) is a bit annoying... But first I'd have to get a job during summer and a job I can do while studying so that I'm not broke after half a year...
  9. Nope, never seen it, but it sounds interesting - and it seems to be popular. Amaama to Inazuma
  10. leinwandname

    Do you play a musical instrument?

    Used to play Flute as a child, now playing the Violin since I was 9 - although, I haven't played much the last 6 months ... was a lazy summer and didn't have the time before (just like now). Really, the feeling of playing it just satisfying, the smell of rosin on your bow and the feeling just getting the sound right after you've practised a hard piece for some time is what I like the most. Ofc, the sound too, but I like the sound of a piano more, honestly, but playing the piano felt kinda weird when I tried it once....
  11. leinwandname

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

  12. leinwandname

    Do you watch the same anime series more then once?

    I haven`t rewatched any newer series recently, the "newest" was Cowboy Bebop during the summer, if my memory serves well. XD
  13. Nope - saw the name several times pop up in discussion but never saw it. Minami-ke
  14. leinwandname

    Do you have a "sad game"?

    Hmmm - I usually read or listen to music but if I had to chose a game it'd either be EU4 or Morrowind. Probably Morrowind - nothing's better than being the Nerevarine when you're sad 😁
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