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  1. Can't say I've read much romance manga (or manga with some romance ) but one scene I liked was:
  2. Finishing the Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei series and probably going with either Dennou Coil or Revolutionary Girl Utena
  3. A High-Fantasy, RPG influenced anime, something like Record of Lodoss Wars, with a story and characters similar to the Fire Emblem games.
  4. Ah, yes, Silmarillion. But I meant a more direct sequel of LotR, Silmarillion is largely of 'What happened in this universe', more of an extension and summary of the entire universe, than a sequel or prequel to any of Tolkien's stories. If I remember correctly the end of the third age is almost at the end of the book and doesn't continue for that much longer - though I haven't read the book in a long time... LotR is a huge book with about ~1300p (depending on the font size and layout of the pages) with a story telling that kinda hard to adapt, if they kept more things closer to the original. I, for my part, would not have minded a 4 movie series (leaving out the scouring of the shire, for me one of the best parts of RotK, really is disappointing....). As for an adaption of the Silmarillion, I think, it wouldn't exactly turn out to be that good. A director would have to change too much, IMO, to adapt it. Now, Children of Húrin or Beren and Luthien are a different story (well, technically not )
  5. When I first heard the word 'Elderberry' (in this classic) I imagined it to be some epic RPG item. Like: "Go collect the elderberries from the mountain of Ancient Juiciness, so that we can enchant the blade of 'Thirst-Begone' with their mystical powers". Or something like the "Elder Wand", or"Elder Dragons"
  6. It's even more annoying when the book, game, whatever, had a perfectly fine and satisfying ending with pretty much every conflict resolved (except maybe a few) and then they decide to make a sequel. Characters with completed archs need new reasons to stay relevant in the story and the new ending might just be bad... This, ofc, applies to series with a continuous story, like books, TV series or some games. Imagine of Tolkien wrote a "Lord of the Rings Part II, Return of the Dark Lord" (However that's supposed to work canonically) or Dicken's "A Tale of two Cities: The Afterstory".... With discontinous games like Final Fantasy, like @ArchieKun mentioned, you run into the problem that you'll have to change the gameplay and setting a bit, every time. And in the end you might end up with something that doesn't even have anything to do with the original games. Like in FF. The gameplay is very different, the aesthetics, the way the story is told, etc. ... They could have just made a completely new franchise by changing the lore a bit or, maybe the optimal solution, a spinoff series. Assassin's Creed is another example of this: What exactly have the newer AC games to do with the earlier games? They should've stopped after AC III and make a new series that is maybe similar to AC but still different enough... like the newer AC games - they'd just need a bit of change and you'd have a new series. Or to to go back to the idea earlier, a spin-off series...
  7. I have Raynaud syndrom too (maybe inherited it from my grandmother who had CREST) and know that feeling. I usually wear mittens and stuff my hands in my pockets, hoping that I don't have to use them... and my hands don't seem to like keyboards considering how angrily blue they turn.... So, basically I wear them when it's cold outside and hope I don't have to use my hands for anything meticulous A shame, since I like the cold seasons and love wandering in the cold....
  8. Funny thing, I didn't really think much about growing up before my EMT-Service. Here in Austria, we have to do either 6 months of military service or 9 months of civil service in an institution that would take us. Since I'd lose an entire year anyway (6 months is just enough to not be able to enroll in university during summer....) I decided to take the 9 months of civil service at the Red Cross and learn something useful - which meant, among other more stressful and ... let's say gruesome... things, transporting sick and old people from their houses or nursing home to the doctor or hospital when they needed something. And that really made me think about getting old... Like, the mental and physical problems many people have (especially the mental problems due to loneliness, or simply the fact that they are no longer able to do things they once could do... Imaging being a man who grew up with the idea that they absolutely have to provide for their family, that they are what the family relies on then getting so old that you can't get out of bed without a nurse's help) is just staggering. And many of these things can happen to anyone. You worked hard because you grew up on a farm, worked on a constructions side or as a carped layer? Your knees are going to be a mess fairly early on. You worked in an office? Welp, screw you back then. You stumble because of leg problems and try to hold on something. Broke arm! (Granted, this can happen to anyone, but old people are just more prone to this.) But in most cases the body doesn't work like it used to anyway or hurts frequently... Makes you wonder if you really want to get 90+ years where you forget most things, probably can't move at all and have to spend your days in bed, hardly conscious...
  9. I like water - like, really. I mostly drink water throughout the day and don't really understand when people say that it tastes like nothing... Alternatively, I sometimes enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon after lunch. Coffee was once my go-to drink in the morning but stopped drinking it since caffeine doesn't really affect me that much in terms of waking up but would make me sweat a lot in the crowded train.... (apparently caffeine can lead to lots of sweating - didn't even know that for a long time) And tea. I used to drink a lot of black tea and maté tea in the late aftertoon but know I drink any kind, fruit tea, green tea, chai latte, herb tea... however, I still favour good ol' english breakfast and earl grey. Oh, and iced tea is really awesome during the hot season! And, something my family does in summer, elderberry flower juice. We grow them in our backyard (though we could also just make a 20 min trip to a public space where they grow and get them there) and usually make our own juice, enough for half a year! Apart from that, I don't really like any kind of juice - they usually are just too sweet for me...
  10. Finally done with Genshiken/Genshike 2 and now, onwards! to Genshiken Nidaime! Genshiken really surprised me - all the characters were different, everyone had their place and time to shine, the interactions felt natural and the comedy was good. Not a 'Bursting out loud every three minuts' kind of comedy like Konosuba or Grand Blue but still entertaining. Overall, Genshiken was an immensely entertaining anime - maybe the most entertaining I've seen this short year so far. Let's see about Nidaime - after the OVA and the first ep, the characters seem interesting enough and the comdey is still there. And I finally get most of the Anime references! (Granted, so far it's only been Monogatari and, surprisingly, Aku no Hana - funnily enough, Nidaime was released the same year as the Aku no Hana anime adaptation) I wonder if the will continue their fictional franchise Kujiun....
  11. So, in terms of Comdey SoL: Lucky Star Azumanga-Daioh Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (My personal favority comedy anime) Grand Blue Joshiraku Though, only Lucky Star has more than 12/13 episodess... Other: Baka no Test (Two seasons) Kill La Kill (Lots of Action, too) Lupin III (Any of the five parts - you don't have to watch them in order. Start with Part IV or V if you like anything newer.) Gintama
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