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  1. leinwandname

    Do you have trouble making friends?

    I wouldn't say making friends is my strong suit but I wouldn't say that I'm having any problems with it either, it's just that I usually meet most of my friends when I have to meet them, i.e. school/university. So the problem is staying in contact afterwards. I basically don't have any contact with anyone from my school anymore, except my two best friends who basically live down the road. One problem might be, that I talk too little when I don't know the people I'm talking with and talk too much (and people keep telling me way too fast) once I see that they might have similar interests as me - so, either they like books, languages, technology or anime and people often tell me that I talk about random stuff too much - whatever they mean with that <.< Probably some Monogatari-esque kind of dialolgues since I like talking about words themselves and that language is kinda weird So I guess that might be why I usually hold back when I talk with people that aren't friends...
  2. Depends on the anime. If I was heavily invested with the characters (and that's not really hard for me...) and/or liked a long going story, I usually feel some kind feeling thats kinda hard to describe. Some kind of emptiness, maybe? Trepidation with the thought of having to leave the characters behind, now that I can't see them again? Movies like When the Promised Flower Blooms (especially stories with parents and their children) or series like Durarara!! usually hit me hard (despite their shortcomings with several characters), which is one reason why I try and not think about if I liked the movie, series, book I just watched/read immediatedly after finishing it and usually wait for one or two days thinking about it - escept if it was a hype anime, one that just was awesome... Funnily enough, certain anime, while I loved them, don't affect me that way. Like Megalo Box - I was invested with the characters but it left me with a feeling of "Yeah, an awesome series with a deserving ending.", and nothing more. (It's a good example of the aforementioned hype anime)
  3. leinwandname

    The Reasons an Anime Cliffhangs

    I'd say @awesomedude20 s point six is pretty valid too. Sometimes an anime was never meant to be continued but just maybe the first arc which ends with a cliff hanger a la "read the manga/LN". This is usually pretty great for the mangaka whose works get pushed by this. And, I think, from the very start its probably not possible to keep producing to an on going anime when the auhtor might not be sure when he/she's going to finish it or for how long the manga will go on. And, it might be better for the anime industry to just pump out adaptations of various mangas/LN and see which anime gets famous and then continue the ones that did - no reason to create semi popular anime when you can just adapt the first few volumes of a different manga/LN.
  4. leinwandname

    Where/How do you watch your anime?

    I usually torrent stuff from Anime Tosho, and sometimes when I watch a seasonal anime (usually dont do that do) I watch it on a streaming side. There`s one streaming side, which lets you syncro your watched and watchhing anime with your MAL lists and ot has pretty much every anime (so far haven seen an anime they did not have) on the highest quality - some claim its better than most paid services (cant say much about that, since I don`t pay..... I know I`m horrible) But yeah, mostly torrent stuff. I do have some movies as DVD since my parents like some of them and we watch them together. There was this wunderful time when you could watch anime on youtube except that every ep was split in three parts or so) and it often was some crappy quality but hey, that`s how I sterted with anime XD
  5. leinwandname

    Please help me find anime for my sister for Christmas!

    So for films in general, I think, the anime christmas movie is Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers! So if you wont to include a movie, definitely this one, IMO. There's Itsudatte My Santa - a two parter - but I can't remember how it was, (seen it a long time ago) but I think it's pretty decent and on the funny side. Maybe not necessarily a christmas anime but a winter love story is Winter Sonata. It's an amazing story, but also very mature one and if you want something lighthearted, don't go for this one. Also, it was originally in Korean with Jap. subs - I don't know if a japanese audio exists but since you probably go for english subs, the dub language doesn't matter either way. Another amazing movie (and my personal favorite anime movie!) is Ame and Yuki. Its funny, wholesome at times, but also features dramatic scenes with well written characters and a fitting OST. If she likes SAO, she probably has seen the movie?- otherwise include the SAO Ordinal Scale movie. Can´t say much about since I'm not a SAO fan, but fans apparently like it. For episodes: I remember that Hetalia Axis Powers hat a funny chirstmas special (ep 31). Hetalia in general is a funny comedy anime which just plays of stereotypes of countries and their people Toradora ep 19 and K-On ep 7 are the only other two that I remember. Oh, and there is the Love on the Ski Slope on Christmas Eve special for Detective Conan, (or rather the Magic Kaito specials) Sorry, I dont know that many special episodes from series, or at east don't remember many... But definitely go for Tokyo Godfathers and I definitely recommend Ame and Yuki and Love on the Ski Slope.
  6. leinwandname

    Weather in your area?

    Cold, dry and snowing.
  7. leinwandname

    Who is your Family Man/Woman of Choice?

    Hana, from Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki seems to be a great mother to her children. Just look at the things she does for her children throughout the movie - and all of these alone! Kouhei Inuzuka seems to be a good husbando, considering that he tries his best to raise his daughter just shortly after his wife died to the best of his abilities and trying to make things fun for his daughter.
  8. leinwandname

    What anime are you watching now?

    Just finished Devilman Crybaby - and I can't say what I think of it. I liked the first half somewhat but the last three episodes were just a mess, IMO. Overall, everything felt rushed --not fast paced but rushed-- the characters felt bland which destroyed the emotional moments... But I liked the artstyle and music. Now watching Stein:Gate 0. I'm looking forward to it, since I like the first anime, but I did hear some criticism for it...
  9. leinwandname

    What anime are you watching now?

    Wow ... I binged through Megalo Box and Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail in more or less a night (plus the evening before) Considering that I have two exams next week, this might not have been a smart decision (Srsly, I just wanted to watch the first two eps of MB after a few days of nothing but studying, and then...)... but I guess you could say I liked both >.< Anyways, Devil Man Crybaby next - but I won't start watching it until next week-end just to be safe...
  10. leinwandname

    Netflix to create live-action Cowboy Bebop series

    Well, that counts for almost everything, doesn't it? If you expect nothing, you won't be let down - unless you're dewey... :'D I haven't yet watched a live adaptation of anything Anime or Manga related except the movie Azumi (from an amazing Manga) so I can't say much about the decision to adapt CB, but from what I've heard, Netflix adaption tend to be a let down? (I don't have Netflix to begin with, so....) But I might check out this one - Cowboy Bebop seems to be an anime that could be considerably faithfully. For example what made, Death Note, the anime, pretty good was how they used the fact that it was animated to emphasize certain themes or emotions- soemthing that you really can't do with a live adaption. But as I said, I don't know much about this matte but I'll keep an eye on it.
  11. leinwandname

    What anime are you watching now?

    Just finished Durarara!!x2 Ten - basically watched all three seasons of Durarara!! consecutively and I like them. The first season was my favorite --the series got a bit weaker IMO afte it-- and I wasn't much a fan of the ending but overall, it was a great show! The story-telling had something Baccano!!-esque at first and the cast was diverse and interesting though some lacked depth. Now continuing with Megalo Box - heard lots of great things of it when it aired. And I think it's might first boxer anime,
  12. My Monogatari Box Set finally arrived (yesterday)! Ordered it about one month ago on amazon when the price dropped one month before its release - I sold my older monogatari books to a friend and decided that's worth the money to buy a limited box set (if 5000 can be called limited - technically yes, but...) of my favorite anime franchise. At least the post card is limited, they might release just the box once all the sets are sold. Anyways, now I oficially have anime merch in my home!

  13. leinwandname

    Odd Quirks and Habits

    The last thing I have to do is going to the toilet. I can't got to bed without doing this before. Like, I went to the toilet, and then realized I didn't set my alarms so I set it. Then I had to go to the toilet again even though I just went two minutes before. I don't remember going to sleep without doing this as the very last thing. It's not like I'd wet myself or something like that (I'd never even had a problem with that when I was very little) if I didn't but I simply feel restless and uneasy.... And sometimes, for whatever reason, when I'm listening to music with earphones I whistle. Not whistling to the tune but just one notes - I think I'd otherwise fear that I'd lost my hearing to the outside world and that I'm only capable of listening to music anymore. >_>
  14. leinwandname

    Do you play games? What kind?

    Mostly grand-strategy games (the Paradox games, Total War, etc. ...) and RPGs (the older TES games, and CRPGs), sometimes some VNs and building games (I user the Stronghold games to create maps and castles, and sometimes play some Sim City 2000/4), and I used to play a lot of JRPGs but not so much anymore. (well - I haven't played much lately in general.) I sometimes play a few rounds Magic the Gathering, and rarely some chess, with a friend. I've never been a fan of MMOs, nor shooters --I usually play single player games-- and the only online shooters I've played excessively were Verdun and Tannenberg, both games from the WW1 1914-1918 series.
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