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  1. Jakob Johann von Uexküll (that thing from FlipFlappers has the name of the title) Wenzel. Knew someone with that name (weird guy - knocked out his own tooth with a defibrillator) and I just liked that name. Used to be a name that many German noble men in the 17th to the early 19th century had. Or ancient names like Aeneid, Cicero (if you want to pronounce it like he did, it's probably more like Kikero), Kafka, Æthelstan, Parzival (or the more 'modern' Percival) Especially Fairefiz, literally means 'colorful sun'.
  2. Monogatari - Kizumonogatari I - III Lupin III - Castle of Cagliostro Cardcaptor Sakura - Movie 2 Detective Conan - Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target and Movie 4: Captured in her Eyes FMA - Conqueror of Shamballah
  3. Haven't see it but seems popular from what I've heard. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
  4. Interesting combination of a typical anime opening song and and epix choir. 8/10. Saranzanmei ED
  5. Ah, didn't see that - apparently CloverWorks who worked on Neverland and Bunny Girl Senpai also were involved. No wonder it looks so neat. Though, I did wonder, and though about mentioning it in my previous post, that Darling didn't feel that Gainax-y (The fluidity and explosions/dust did feel off) considering that it was from Trigger, as I had though. Them working with other studios and not even being the main studio explains that, I think.
  6. Warm... or rather hot. Was so happy when it was stormy and rainy the last few days but now its awfully warm again. I fear that it might get even warmer to the point that opening my window is equivalent to checking if the pizza in the oven is done...
  7. Finally watching Darling in the Franxx completely between Slayers Next and SLayers Try. Only 3 eps in but hasn't left that much of an impression on me story or character wise but the animation is premium and the modern art style is refreshing after watching some older series. Since its Trigger who made this, I'm predicting that somewhere in the last 5 eps. aliens will somehow appear or be involved with the conclusion of the story.... (getting Kill La Kill lash backs...) 6/10 so far
  8. As mentiones, Baccano!! is from the same author so the characters and their characterisation is similar, same with the many jumps in time and seeing the same events from different perspectives if you want this. Also, youll be suprised to meet two characters from Durarara!! in Baccano!! (technically, they're from Baccano!! but had a 10 sec. appearance in Durarara!!). However, the setting, story and themes are very different... Mekakucity Actors also gives off similar vibes and is closer to the setting of Durarara!!
  9. Gonna join the reply above; Wolf Children is pretty sweet and tear jearker-y. Dororo had also some tough scenes (Ep. 6 with Mio and all that, and Dororo's mother later...). Maquia also nearly got me...
  10. Starting to prepare for a trip that I've been planning with two friends for the last month (Surprising, actually, didn't expect to travel this year).

    Going to visit Oman in the first week of September (actually the first time that I travel outside of Europe). Looking forward to it, especially the many, many old castles!

    1. Seshi


      Trips with friends are the best! Hope you have lots of new experiences and see great sights. OH if you're a foodie, look up some good restaurants so you can prepare 😛

    2. LonelyPoet


      If you go by car you might end up killing each other XD

    3. leinwandname


      @LonelyPoet Well... going to Oman by car probably isn't the best idea XD, but I've heard renting a car in Oman to get around is pretty common since, escpecially in summer, the sun is some kind of deadly lazer, lol.

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