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  1. So here comes the 2nd course in the IBO Gundam series that was promised at the end of Season 1 in Winter 2016. All I have to say is: Flag-status: [ x ] Raised [ ] Not Raised
  2. Holy shit been a while since I posted or done anything on this site. I just use paint.Net cause I'm too lazy to correctly pirate photoshop
  3. Chokelahoma City Thunder smh...

  4. Warriors got manhandled last night LMAO

  5. I watched the TSA one. But that's basically it. It was pretty cool knowing how the US government wastes a ton of money on useless security. He really did ruin the false pretense that we are being protected against possible terrorists by getting harassed by TSA agents. Honestly it really only is the FBI, CIA, and NSA that do the actual hunting down and preventing terrorist attacks.
  6. The gore for both series isn't too detailed, but there definitely is graphic content in it. [spoiler=Spoilers. Don't look at this if you haven't watched it yet.]For example, when they showed the failed transmutation of Trisha. Or the remains of the Nina-Alexander Chimera. In Brotherhood, they cut off King Bradley's hands and they showed it. They showed Ed crawling with a missing leg, blood everywhere no censor, trying to bring back Al, or that bloody doorway scene of Al bringing Ed to the Rockbell's to get saved. Both series are definitely graphic, but not grotesque graphic.
  7. Holy crap....wow. That was so freaking sad man. Subaru finally letting his sealed up frustration and desperation out. And that lap pillow though... Heard the Re: Zero is getting delayed for the French Open or so, but other people are saying that we will still get the weekly episodes, and just the show won't air on Japanese television. Don't quote me though. Since no one died this episode, that means the next one is definitely going to be hell:?
  8. Still waiting for an Oregairu movie. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon since the author is being a lazy bum and doesn't realize that he could capitalize and make a ton of money by hurrying up and finish the last volume . Kind of hoping either studio feel picks it up again, or KyoAni. Though the latter might be reaching a bit too far. [spoiler=Please?]latest?cb=20150607070737 I mean how could you deny that face. Please, if there ever is gonna be a movie, please put this angel in it. Please...
  9. FMAB's soundtrack is so amazing :'(

  10. EPISODE 6 SPOILERS I haven't actually been talking about this show on here mainly because I know the 1st arc and the majority of the 2nd arc. BUT DANNNNNG that twist doeeeee. Rem actually being the killer dang. And I know everybody suspected Ram to be the killer since that sus scene with her and Roswaal. The censorship does not take away anything at all. The deaths still feel extremely painful gruesome to watch. Being Subaru is suffering . Hopefully he can resolve it next episode ;O.
  11. ESPN never going to give lillard credit and instead say he is doing a "steph curry" impression smh. Stop making me cringe.

  12. I don't mind doing this Optic. I'm done with all my AP stuff so HMU if you pick me ;O.
  13. I'm telling you guys all to watch Re: Zero. It's so good. BTW Optic, is there an option to add a thread into the "Currently Airing" section?

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    2. feelme


      Yeah cause I noticed that section was missing a lot of titles that were airing. On a side note I thought you were dead Optic cause you weren't on for a while lol.

    3. Optic


      Yeah apologies for that, I started a new job around the same time the new season aired and was getting used to new schedule. I'll expand the airing titles ASAP. Not dead yet xD

    4. Optic


      OK @[584:feelme] , I've expanded the Currently Airing titles and made them pretty. Feel free to make episode discussions if you like. :) If I missed a title feel free to throw it at me and I'll make it for you.


  15. Right now, I feel like beating up my physics teacher.
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