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  1. Like your profile picture

  2. I love Pet Girl of Sakura House! Cute Mashiro profile pic!

  3. the last anime i saw is the pet girl of sakurasou really good anime especilly in the later episodes
  4. i thought of giving attack on titan a chance honestly but then i ended up watching anime i was more interested in
  5. alittle harsh to say there tastes are crappy dont ya think its fine to disagree but people are allowed to enjoy what they want it dosent make ure tastes crappy just because they like a show you personally dont like i loved violet evergarden despite the crap that anime gets from some people does that mean i have crappy taste for enjoying it? no it dosent if people only wanna watch the mainstreem stuff they can do and if they wanna watch more obscure anime thats cool 2 in my eyes id rather people watch what makes them happy than watch shows they have no interest in
  6. im just asking if anyone heres a fan of danganronpa as its a series i played alot back when i played my vita and i played v3 and that was a really fun time so yeah ^^ who here is into the series
  7. cute character designs a cool world that looks like it will be fun to explore a interesting plot a anime that looks like its gonna make me cry
  8. like demi chan resonated with me alot as someone on the autism spectrum it made me feel like despite my disabilitys i can still live a happy normal life and i shoudnt have to feel alienated for my problems that and its just insanly adorable,dosent rely on fanservice every 10 seconds,has a loveble cast of chars and made a dullahan the most adorable thing ever
  9. i thought of a couple more opinions interviews with monster girls is better than dragon maid(and i swear im the only one who thinks this) my hero academia season 1 was alright clannad season 1 didnt suck yuri on ice isnt THAT good please teacher was a fun anime
  10. hay there i just thought id ask what type of unpopular opinions you guys have involving anime ^^ heres some i have no game no life is painfully average pop team epic was annoying dub vs sub debates are dumb angel beats was meh i liked violet evergarden and i dont get the hate people have for it ok so those are some of mine but what are yours ^^
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