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  1. I'm done watching Boku no Hero 3rd Season and getting pumped up for the next Season! What I'm still watching now is the Dragon Slayer (and read also the manga), so far the anime adaptation is good and it's similar to the original manga. And Sword Art Online Alicization. Though it's only on its 3rd episode, the story already has a lot of interesting twists.
  2. Danmachi - A lot of Romance, A lot of Adventures, and a lot of Magics involve. Has a good story and great graphics. Haikyuu! - For the School & Sports, I highly recommend this one! My friend who is a volleyball player told me that the majority of their actions/play is being done in real life too so for me, it's definitely a must watch. Hataraku Maou-sama - Magic, Action & a little bit spice of Romance. I love the story between the hardworking/sadistic Sadaou Maou and the tsundere Emilia and I hope you'll like it too. Air Gear - I think rollerblading is a sport as well as skateboarding, etc. so I'm adding this one. Plus this is also one of my favorite animes. A lot of intense battle and it is already completed on manga. You should read it too. You'll definitely love this!
  3. What I'm currently watching is Boku no hero academia season 3 and Overlord 3, tho I haven't watched the latest episode yet but will do on weekends (Hooray for day offs!) Maybe, after these 2 I'm going to start watching Steins Gate (Yes, I'm a fan!) If you're currently looking for some cool animes to watch, I highly recommend them. For Code Geass fans, you can try Darling in the Franxx too! (Romance,Action,Mecha)

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