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  1. Feels weird when someone talk abt u in your back when they don't actually knw u like wtf dude? u don't have ur own life ? hehe

  2. I work unfortunately. I just want to sleep in Christmas eve.
  3. Name : 5 ( I don't know if it's a boy or a girl username jk. haha) Image : 8 ( Loving that stare tho) Profile : 10 ( I'm a new user here however I read some of your blogs and it's interesting thumbs up) Hope we can be friends
  4. That would be great if the user above me is a girl. I hope so HAHA We can have an anime movie date HAHA LOL.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion.
  6. I really like this anime tho it miss some important parts in the manga. let's just watch the rest of the season
  7. Can anyone suggest anime similar to Oregairu, RELife, Orange or any ROM-COM Anime. I also wanted anime like SAO, Ovelord and Log Horizon,
  8. Can someone share there list ?
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