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  1. kingAndrew11

    Which Game Systems Do You Own?

    I used to keep up to date with systems but eventually just said screw it and only use a pc for everything the old consoles are either donated to friends or collecting dust (oh except for the 3ds because smash 4)
  2. kingAndrew11

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    Traveling is the best, I’ve went to most of Europe and a good amount of Latin America and Mexico area, I live in the us but I’ve seen more places in Europe then states, but seen the main ones like Cali New York City Florida Texas Ohio Maine Arizona, etc . My favorite place so far was probably switzerland, and soon I hope to go to New Zealand/ Australia despite having 10/13 most deadly snakes in the world lol
  3. kingAndrew11

    Fantasy and adventure anime that is also funny?

    All I need is 3 words “one punch man”
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