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  1. So, here i wanna share several anime that i like and i hope you guys could share yours too bleach tokyo ghoul one piece my hero academia hunter x hunter attack on titan twin star exorcists a certain magical index fairy tail I know mine was a cliche one and most of you has watched it before, but still to whover dont know one of these,you guys should watch it. And please share several anime that you like.
  2. I would like to recommend you : Bleach Tokyo ghoul My hero academia Hunter x hunter Sword art online Twin star exorcists A certain magical index
  3. Wow! Tq guys Also, do black butler has romance? Cause I has watch it(not full season, just 3 episodes) and it look more like just a story about butler
  4. I wanna a similar anime like sword art online and twin star exorcist. Also like a certain magical index. Anime that not so ecchi and it more like just a friend. Like ichigo and rukia in bleach.
  5. Tq for the reply. I will watch it
  6. I has already watched : Twin star exorcist Bleach One piece Sword art online Tokyo ghoul Bokuno hero academia A certain magical index

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