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  1. So everything with my website is still moving extra slow but moving nonetheless. At a total of 250€ donated but gotta get 650 more to build my site, fml 😂😭

    Been trying every method under the sun to get people interested in this and it works but at the same time doesn't. It seems for every one person I get believing in this, 5 show up that just shit all over my parade. I honestly don't know how I'm holding it together here and I know the simple solution is to quit but I'm so stubborn that I just can't do that. Too much work and effort gone into this and I keep believing I'll succeed even though the facts mostly say I won't.

    Might reserve this website as my personal ranting space where I can just post these statuses and say what's on my mind. It's nice to let out my thoughts somewhere since I can't do it on my server, god forbid they all find out how much I'm suffering from trying to make things interesting for them. Giving up is on my mind everyday but I don't want everyone on my server to see that. If I lose my mind, they all lose interest and then I'm definitely screwed.

    Rock and a hard place.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      you say you have a website? Just joking 😂 

      Generally, it can take a while for a website (or youtube channel) to really make it. So if it is within your time and money frame, and it seems like you are really invested in Bleach, my opinion would be to keep going for it!

    2. BleachKing96


      Thanks 😂 

      Its taken so long to make the progress I've made but I'm still convinced I can do it. Plus, it gives me something to constantly look forward to and I enjoy making stuff for the site in preparation. Keeps me motivated. I just wish the site developer wasn't such an a-hole.

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