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  1. I want a One Piece game that's open world and has char creation, where you could like sail to different islands and pick random fodder in villages as crew members. Do quests, find devil fruits. That'd be awesome.. maybe one day.
  2. Are we allowed to talk about Hentai because that really changes the answer? But in terms of anime, it seems like theirs a whole genre of anime dedicated to trying to being as dark and shocking as possible. Madoka Magika and Gantz are probably the darkest of the ones i've watched. Their are a lot of shows like this that seem really tone confused though. Like Goblin Slayer starts off extremely dark and f#[email protected] up in the first episode but seems to really dial back on it after that. Akame Ga Kill was like a weird mix of every main character gorily dying off one by one game of thrones style..and a shounen/harem/comedy. Attack on Titan started off pretty dark, but after Eren is revealed to not actually be dead, I realized the show wasn't going to be as savage as I hoped. And the promised never land is a new series, that's really good and very shocking. But I haven't much of it yet, so I can't tell how dark it's going to get. Also LOL I googled dark anime and it lists Sonic X as one for some reason.
  3. This is easy. Two words my dude, Ecchi Harem.

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