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  1. They are not really punk, but they do rock. Have you listened to Band Maid? Oh, shoot. I thought it had to be a Japanese band. Um, have you listened to A Day to Remember? I honestly can’t think of any off the top of my head. Why not try Pandora?
  2. I never get tired of watching Casino. Goodfellas is a close second, but I think I like Casino more.
  3. My two most anticipated games of this year are Gears 5 and Borderlands 3.
  4. OtterNmyWater


    There's another website I like to check out called Coolmics and they are looking for artist on there as well.
  5. OtterNmyWater


    Has any one heard of Toomics? The website has Korean/Japanese webcomics. There are free ones you can read and some you have to pay for. I liked this one called "Such a Cute Spy." It's basically a harem/comedy about a female North Korean spy who is tasked with seducing a South Korean math prodigy and bringing him back to North Korea in order to have him create some type of military weapon for them.
  6. I can think of a few scenes that got me.
  7. I live in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, so A-Kon and Animefest are the biggest ones. I have only ever been to Animefest.
  8. To this day, I still have not seen Akira. I would recommend not watching anime solely based on whether it’s considered a classic or not. Watch it because you are genuinely interested in watching the anime. Personally, I do like Evangelion, but if the mecha genre isn’t your cup of tea, you are better off skipping it.
  9. I am gonna say Eromanga Sensei? A cute, shy high school girl talks with her younger brother in order to practice talking with people.
  10. Did any one watch this film? If so, what did you think of it? It recently got released(about two weeks ago) on Blu-Ray/DVD and I ended up picking it up. I am not familiar with the anime series it's based on, but I heard it is not necessary to watch it. Honestly, I found it to be a bit slow at times, but I do like the animation and soundtrack. I can't really explain why, but this scene seem so sad to me. Maybe, it was the music.
  11. I think the last ending for Soul Eater was pretty cool.
  12. OtterNmyWater

    Anime Chit Chat

    For some reason, I don't particularly like rewatching anime. I think it depends on how much I like the anime in question, but I would honestly prefer to watch something I haven't already seen.
  13. Thanks for the welcome. That's funny. Josey was the nickname that some of my co-workers would call me at work. Thanks for the welcome.
  14. I liked watching Sailor Moon too. I still do actually. I also thought it was pretty cool how Barenaked Ladies referenced Sailor Moon in that song.
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