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  1. I am just curious to know what manga this is from? Is it a real line?
  2. Most of the single volume DVDs pre-date the complete collections. When I first got into anime that was the norm.
  3. Do people still buy single volume DVDs of an anime series? Or do they prefer the complete collections that have less discs and take up less space?
  4. I am thin, but I would no way pass as female. I do think it would be fun to crossplay though for funsies.
  5. I feel like most female cosplayers have much more options when it comes to cosplay because they can do both male and female characters. Personally, I think I would want to go as Gendo Ikari from Eva.
  6. I would recommend checking out AmiAmi. I have ordered from them before. They sell new anime figures and pre-owned ones if you are interested.
  7. Has any one else watched this anime series? I watched it recently on Netflix and I thought it was pretty funny although the humor in the show is a bit crude. If you never heard of it, it's basically about three Yakuza men who are forced to choose between death or having a sex change and becoming an idol group. They choose the latter and hilarity ensues is the basic premise of the show. It reminds me of the Daily Lives of High School Boys in terms of how the episodes play out.
  8. Xbox One: ghostkun07. I mainly play Dead By Daylight, but I will probably be playing Gears 5 when that comes out as well.
  9. Although I do I like the anime and I think it is an anime worth watching, I don't consider it to be the best anime in existence.
  10. People have speculated that it might be a home console only. Basically, the opposite of the Switch Lite. Obviously, just speculation, but it does not sound beyond the realm of possibility. 4K? That’s a possibility. I think it will definitely have beefier specs.
  11. Yes, but you don’t need to buy separate joy-cons to play those games. I don’t know where you heard that you can’t play those games on the Switch Lite. Also, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I disagree.
  12. The games I am most looking forward to playing are Gears 5 and Borderlands 3. I am also considering checking out Wolfenstein Young Blood.
  13. No, it can play games with motion controls, but you have to buy a pair of joy-cons. Honestly what games are there with motion controls that are worth buying though? 1-2-Switch? Just Dance 2019?(Edit: I forgot Mario Party 10. Those are the only games I can think of to my knowledge that require buying joy-cons for). I can’t say I really care for Nintendo Labo either. Also, why would it not to be able to play Pokémon Sword and Shield? Heck, there’s even a special edition model of the Switch Lite being made specifically made for this game. Obviously, if someone already owns a Switch this really isn’t aimed at those people. It’s more for people like me who do not own one and have been thinking about it, but felt like $300 plus might have been too much. I also don’t understand why people are hating on it when they already own the original model. Like why? Y’all have the superior model, why hate on it? Also, if the ability to play in docked mode is that important to someone then they can just buy the original Switch model. For me personally, I would be fine just playing in handheld mode. It’s always nice to give consumers options.
  14. I am addicted to Dead By Daylight, so I play that game every day. I am also currently playing Resident Evil Revelations. I have already played it before on the 3DS, but this is my first time playing it on console.
  15. So the Nintendo Switch Lite was officially announced. https://www.cnet.com/news/nintendo-switch-lite-is-smaller-cheaper-and-handheld-only/ Is any one planning to pick one up? I have been on the fence about picking one up for awhile now, but I have been hesitant to because of the price. $200 sounds like a good price point for me.

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