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  1. So basically it's going to be shit..
  2. 1) Gintama (Best Comedy, Characters & MC in Anime) 2) Steins;Gate (Best Sci-fi & Plot in Anime) 3) Death Note (Best PsychologicalThriller Anime) 4) Gurren Lagann (Best Mecha Anime) 5) Code Geass (Best Ending in Anime) 6) Hunter x Hunter (Best Shounen Anime) 7) Fate Series (Best Animation & Action in Anime) 8 ) Haikyuu!! (Best Sport Anime) 9) Made in Abyss (Best Fantasy Anime) 10) Attack on Titan (Best Seinen Anime) Honorable Mentions: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Erased Parasyte The Maxim Samurai Champloo One Punch Man Haven't Seen: Monogatari Series Monster JoJo's Bizzare Adventure One Piece Magi Konosuba Yu Yu Hakusho Psycho-Pass Neon Genesis Evangelion
  3. spy on them for a day then time leap to the past, then tell them everything that is going to happen.
  4. i watched episode 2 recently, and i agree. the animation was even better in this one. the mountain scene was astounding. ufotable didn't disappoint.
  5. I had high hopes in terms of animation since it's ufotable, the use of cgi incredible! its used in the right moments and not distracting at all, i find the cartoonish characters fitting in this world. it was a bit off at first but got used to it. in terms of story it is decent. regarding his family it was a bit cliche and predictable but the way they did it was great, definitely going to watch the rest of the series.
  6. This is my Top 20 Anime Openings. I haven't watched a lot of anime, i watched mostly mainstream stuff. but out of the 50+ anime i watched, these are my ones. FMAB OP1 Naruto Shippuden OP16 Tokyo Ghoul OP1 No Game No Life OP1 Gintama OP 13 Fate/Stay Night UBW OP2 Fate/Zero OP2 Stein's Gate OP1 Code Geass OP1 Violet Evergarden OP1 You Lie in April OP1 Boku dake ga inai Machi OP1 Parasyte the maxim OP1 Gurren Lagann OP1 Attack on Titan OP3 My Hero Academia S3 OP1 Norigami Aragoto OP1 Death Note OP1 One Punch Man OP1 Angel Beats OP1 I made this 1 opening per series.. i chose my favorite op of each series i watched, otherwise there would be at least 5 naruto openings on this list.. lel
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