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    Haven’t watched enough anime or read enough manga to have a favorite yet... Don’t worry, I’m workin on it

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  1. Ahhhh yeah just ... wow, so delicious
  2. im glad you are Im having fun yeah, nice to get my thoughts away from exams and all that stuff ugh Thank youuu I agree! Why are characters always supposed to look ugly with glasses and then pang, be beautiful without them? Like... glasses are so cute thank you ghostly potato ahaha, cats are the best And yeah I almost forgot, I have one cat! He is so flippin antisocial though... Do you have any cats? thankssss
  3. Food looks so flippin delicious in anime like ... ahh
  4. Noooodles ahhh I get hungry only thinkin bout it haha And also liver pâté on a slice of bread ...
  5. Havent watched the second season yet But I really enjoyed the first season hehe
  6. Ahah thank you. I was like: I like cats. I like smiling. Why the hell not have a smiling cat as my profile pic? haha Ahh thats goood Ahhh i see i see. Ahaha love that girl with glasses thing of yours haha Thank uuuu
  7. Thank youuu Is it any good? We Never Learn I mean? I'm currently watching Ouran High School Host Club hehe.... And I'm also watching Attack on Titan season 3... I know, I know, very mainstream, but hey why not
  8. Thank you! I'll check em out! Thank youuuuu! They all sound like something i'll enjoy! Now I have something to keep me busy for some time ;D. Thanks a lot! Its nice to get a small pause from all the romance stuff! (The opening to Yuru Camp really cheered me up as well haha)
  9. Thank youuu Haha of course
  10. Heyyy I could really use some recommendations... Do you have any tips for a kinda lighthearted anime, not very supernatural but more like ... happy...?? You know like just a cute little anime that makes you laugh and stuff, but not too cliche at the same time? Something similar to i dunno, fruits basket maybe?
  11. This seems like a cool community. What is everybody up to?
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