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  1. i watched black lagoon, i really liked the action and found some moments hilarious. Story is good and despite its old looking animation its still good. :)

    btw tanks a lot :)

    I see what you did there.

    not sure if tht's a mistake or a millitary pun.... I died anyway xD

    I feel that was definitely a pun :P good one though some puns are dreadful I guess they just don't "crack" me up :3 the egg puns are real! LONG LIVE EGG PUNS!

  2. Mr. Mime is okay. I have a Shiny one in Pokemon X.


    I've always found Pinsir to be extremely cute <3 especially now that it has a Mega.


    Also, Grass type is best type.


    As for the anime, I don't watch it anymore (I orginally stopped when I got I started working. I worked when new episodes came on here and I've never felt the need to catch up.) That being said, for Christmas I got 4 of the movies: It was a 4 in 1 Collector's set. It contained: Pokemon Heroes, Pokemon 4Ever, Pokemon Destiny Deoxys and Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker. They are all great movies!

    I really like Pokemon XY. Besides Charmander I think Eeve is cute and everyone finds Pikachu extremely cute :P and I like fire type and Electric.

  3. I played it on PS3 and I thought it was ok. I will always think San Andreas will be the best and I find Liberty City to have a better story to it. But Micheal's story was good. I got it for PC when it came out and I thought it was much better it felt more alive then the PS3 version and I also had friends to play Online with which made it a lot more enjoyable. Custom Races are a blast with friends. I have one massive problem with the game on PC is that modding is not really aloud and that Online free-roam is not fun without money and now since there are hackers around Rockstar have raised the prices of items for example a plane is 10 million which is unfair for the legit players who grind for the money since a mission gives 5 thousand and the only responds we get from Rockstar is buy a sharkcard which is 80 euro for 8 million which isn't even enough for a plane! Its unfair but besides that its fun if there are friends to play with.

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  4. I like lots to game there are very few games I hate but these ones are the ones I can think of at the top of my head.

    The Witcher series

    Sword Art Online: Lost Songs

    Dota 2


    Sid Meier's Civilization V and other games like that

    Arma 2 and 3

    Rocket League

    Sleeping Dogs

    Every Star Wars game

    The Gataway Black Monday

    Crash Bandicoot

    Pokemon Games

    The Legend of Korra

    Grand Theft Auto series

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Half Life 2

    Garry's Mod

    Counter Strike Source

    Project Cars

    F1 games

    Fallout series

    The Elder Scrolls series

    and probably more that I cant think off.

  5. Some of the James Bond games are good I find. And I agree the Sword Art games are great but I feel there is too much grinding. It might just be me I'm not a fan of sitting around killing mobs over and over again.

  6. My favorite starter: Torterra

    My favorite Pokemon in general: Torterra

    Now by typing:

    Normal: Dunsparce

    Grass: Torterra

    Ground: Sandslash

    Fire: Magmar

    Water: Golduck

    Electric: Pachirisu

    Steel: Ferrothorn

    Bug: Pinsir

    Ghost: Froslass

    Ice: Avalugg (which mine is nicknamed Coffee Table)

    Fighting: Breloom

    Flying: Crobat

    Poison: Venusaur

    Rock: Lord Helix (Omanyte)

    Dragon: Goodra

    Fairy: Slurpuff

    Psychic: Mew

    Dark: Spiritomb

    Mewth thats right :3 and what about Mr Mime everyone loves Mr Mime especially Barack Obama. I just like Charmander because how amazingly cute they are them big eyes and little tail on fire. Do you like the Anime Series of pokemon?

  7. The first game I remember playing seriously would be Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy 7. I would always mess around in The Gataway Black Monday but never really got into the story left that to my brother I just liked the free roam. I played other games but never got into them because I never understood them.

  8. I wouldn't actually know, as I don't play Civ 5 really. I picked it up on sale a while back, and it was really slow for my taste, so I never really bothered playing a full game. If I get the time, I wouldn't mind trying to play it again.

    There's a setting that speeds the game up. its really slow on normal and stuff but with Gods and Kings and Brave New World its amazing.

  9. The only thing on your list that I've played xP

    I'm considered to be an authority on Pokemon among the Pokemon fans I know in person xP They come to me for anything and everything.



    Games I can HIGHLY recommend.

    The Fire Emblem series. (GBA - 3DS)

    Stella Glow (3DS)

    Ryuji what is your favourite starter pokemon and just pokemon in general? I really like Charmander and Jigglypuff.

  10. hello my name is militaria collector and I'm 17 and from Coventry in the uk. I am in college doing performing arts and I'm enjoying it. I collect militaria (military items) and have done so for nearly 2 years. If you have questions about military uniforms don't be afraid to ask me. :)

    I got into anime around April this year and have enjoyed it. I have watched some good anime like great teacher onizuka, prison school and even black bullet.

    I would say try watching Death Note and SAO (Sword Art Online). Death Note was my first anime. Code Geass is a good anime aswell and Cowboy Bebop.

  11. Awesome! I hope you enjoy it.


    Answered in profile post.


    Also, you missed my question: What games do you play?

    Oh sorry didn't see that my bad :P I will save you the pain of me listing every game I play and I'll list some of my favourite

    The Witcher series

    Sword Art Online: Lost Songs

    Dota 2


    Sid Meier's Civilization V and other games like that

    Arma 2 and 3

    Rocket League

    Sleeping Dogs

    Every Star Wars game

    The Gataway Black Monday

    Crash Bandicoot

    Pokemon Games

    The Legend of Korra

    And many others (please say if I forgot any good games and I'll see if I've played them :3)

    I'm thinking of buying Tales of Zesteria it looks really good but I'm not sure yet might pick it up on steam before the sale ends.

  12. Hello and welcome to Anime Forums! I hope you enjoy your time here!

    What games do you play?



    Yuru Yuri is great! Have you seen Sakura Trick. It's another great Shoujo Ai anime!

    No I haven't seen Sakura Trick I'll check it out when I've cleared up some of my back log of things to watch :3 and may I ask how do you PM? I've never been able to figure out how to PM on any forum.

  13. Hello I'm Metroman008 but most people call me Metro I'm a gamer and an anime fan.

    My Favourite anime are: Death Note, Sword Art Online, Yuru Yuri and others I cant think off.

    I don't read much manga but the ones I have read are Death Note and Doubt.

    I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and my favourite movies made by Studio Ghibli would be: My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and The Wind Rises.

    And thats pretty much everything I have to say!

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