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    Slice of Life
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    Accelerator, Akemi Homura, Misaka Mikoto, Touma Kamijou, Watashi / Mediator
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    Moe - Set 3


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    Atelier series, Neptunia series, Ratchet&Clank series, Team Fortress 2,
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    Remilia Scarlet
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  1. Bottom is indeed Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Pillar Men from part 2, Battle Tendency.
  2. After 6~7 years since the last anime installment, a new Higurashi thing got announced: While Ryukishi07 apparently had been teasing some things, it was preeetty surprising getting this notification. Don't know about the studio behind it, or what it even will be. But hopefully it will be a nice opportunity to give this series some new fans
  3. If you're in Europe, Archonia is good. I've been buying from there for a few years now. You can also look for vendors on https://myfigurecollection.net/ Any of their 'partners' should be fine. I've used Ninoma once, via MFC. They ship directly from Japan, and were fast. Just be aware that you might have to pay import taxes.
  4. Hello y'all, I got sorted into this house as well
  5. I gift you a nice pair of trousers, to go with your new trench coat
  6. Left the preference / expectation questions at the end blank, got sorted into Ravenclaw with a score of 75.
  7. Going through Saekano season 2, seen 7 episodes so far. I like how the tone in the last few episodes is a little more serious than before. I'd rate it ~7.5/10 right now. F/Z is indeed surprisingly dark, but Rider is such a fun character. It ended up pretty high in my favourites list, glad you're enjoying it as well
  8. I give you a lovely ugly Christmas hat to go along with the sweater
  9. The worst natural disaster that occurred here, that I know of, is the North Sea flooding of 1953. This resulted in the Delta Works, which have prevented similar things from happening. My mom, and her (grand) parents lived in Baarlo, which was hit by the river Meuse overflowing during the '90s. She told about that a few times. The effects of the water levels that were reached then are still visible, and it's honestly quite amazing how much land was flooded. The storms we have can reach high wind speeds, but aren't as destructive as tornado's. The worst one I can remember was in 2016. We had heavy rainfall and high wind speeds where I live, but five minutes away there was a really bad hailstorm, with hailstones the size of tennis balls. But storms that bad are relatively rare here, we get weather alarms once or twice a year.
  10. Cloudkicker releasing an album out of nowhere after four years. Quickly became an AOTY contender for me.
  11. I like Dir en grey, who are often called 'diru' by fans. 'diru' was already taken on the site I first used it, so I just doubled it. It then became my go-to name for most places.
  12. Yee ^^ And sure, if you find one, just PM me, and we can watch it together
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