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  1. Let's see how I compare to others here. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Sakkyoku You've stated your love for Full Moon Sagashite, you should do a write up post on it, I watched 4-6 episodes before I got sort of bored and moved on. I still have the whole show on my HDD, so maybe I'd go back and watch it.
  2. Many of the best anime movies don't see 'home release's or streams until months after they initial launch. Promare is a great recent example, there isn't even good torrent of the movie yet. Take for example "devil man cry baby". It is pretty much a movie, it had a major release on Netflix that made it seem 'more current'. Due to this, the channels of communications which promote discussion of current things, i.e Youtube, reddit, /a/, etc.. talked about it. But we can see that one of the most impressive animations of 2018 'Sayonara no Asa ni...' was barely discussed on any of the aforementioned platforms, I think it was around 3 months until a decent subtitle of the movie was released. I am not saying that movie was under appreciated, lot's of people loved it according to MAL, but no one really talked about it. I'm not sure I would say people dislike anime movies, it's just there is less social incentive to watch anime movies when compared to 'legendary anime series' or currently airing shows.
  3. I've seen the first 3 seasons, and while I love the music, I thought the show got quite tiresome by the forth. It seemed like they struggled to come up with some sort of justification as to why Hibiki and Crew would still be fighting. Does the currently airing season seem as contrived? Do seasons 4 or 5 have anything comparable to the space ship crash scene?
  4. Influence can most likely be both the cause and solution to problems. Some might think "they should be held to account for their influence" and while this sounds fairly reasonable on the outset I'm very cautious of that mindset. It isn't clear whatsoever how much influence any particular influencer has, nor is it clear how that influence manifest itself. How could we even begin to measure or compare this? Think of two channels, one with 1 million passive subscribers, and another with 100 dedicated fans who would do anything that the influencer told them to do. Who has more influence? I have no clue. Perhaps we could call them different forms of influence, but I think that might be a cop out. My main grief with this mindset is how it seems to manifest itself. The individuals that are most often held to account, are typically the easiest ones to hold to account, not the ones that probably should be held to account. Lastly, it is clear as mud as to what constitutes "bad influence", what are the things that an influence should be held account for in the first place? Sure some thing's are broadly agreed upon, but many, many things are not. I really think the best we can do is think "influence might be a problem in some circumstances for some people".
  5. I mostly agree with what you have said, but I think In a world that is so defined online social interaction, there is tangible value in being, for lack of a better term, an 'influencer', as they truly due have influence on how people perceive topics. So I think it is likely the case that many people perceive being a youtuber as something incredibly valuable. It might be the case that what we call a "youtuber" is most likely something akin to kids wanting to be "A Rockstar" in the 80's. Then again this might be just an over application of the phenomenon that "people like to be liked".
  6. As "youtuber" has grown into one of one of the most aspired professions in North America(1) many truly disingenuous people have spoiled people's perception of what is means to be a youtuber. Scandal after scandal has shown that there are plenty of individuals willing to go to extremes for the sake of becoming a professional youtuber. Due to this some viewers have become skeptical of the motives of many youtuber's. When you see a youtube channel talking about Dragonball Z, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, or <Insert Popular Seasonal Show here> is it because of a earnest want to talk about that show? Or is it because they are desperate for viewers? I think some people have a sense that being a 'youtuber' should be more than a glorified advertiser, and as such are disappointed in individuals who 'stoop' to doing so. Many seems to believe in the idea that "you shouldn't be able to be successful by being dishonest towards your viewers". It's also worth mentioning that people generally don't like when they are told how "they should feel" about pretty much anything. The occasional youtuber will sometimes err and present their opinions on a show, in such a way that some will interpret it as "you should like this show". Whereas the people who don't like that show for both unreasonable and reasonable reasons can only respond with "you are wrong" or else they would have to accept that something about their own thought process was unreasonable, which, even if it is the case, is a very difficult thing to do. (1) : https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/business/Kids-Now-Dream-Professional-YouTubers-Astronauts-Study-Finds-512966661.html)
  7. What got me into anime was AMV Hell 2 back in 2006, I probably would be a very different person today If I had never watched those. I'd love to learn to edit videos with an even a tenth of the talent of modern AMV makers. If you figure anything out, I'd love to hear about it, your work flow, tools, etc. Here's hoping I hit a thousands posts one day.
  8. It sounds you are just looking for unique ideas. People have been making anime for decades, and certainty there more and less unique ones. The 80's and early 90's was a time where it was comparatively easy for small studios to get enough funding to produce what ever they wanted. I'd heavily recommend looking through some of the 80's OVA catalogs that are kicking around.

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