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    Trigun, Inuyasha, School-Live!, Gintama, Chio's School Road, Dr. Stone, Fruits Basket, Samurai Chaploo, Nana, Paradise Kiss, World End, Skip Beat, Bleach, Kamisama Kiss, Inu x Boku, One Punch Man....... and the list goes on.
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    Slice of Life
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    Gaming, Baking, Collecting Manga, Designing
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    World of Warcraft
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    Dante from DMC, Kratos from GOW
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    PS4 and PC

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  1. I'm not a fan of fall drinks. I actually tried a pumpkin spic latte from starbucks for the first time this past weekend. Wasn't for me.....
  2. I've been using the same username everywhere for YEARS! I can't remember where I originally got it from. Wasn't anime though. Much like Humbby it wasn't taken anywhere in the beginning but now it seems to be taken almost everywhere.
  3. Thanks! I don't have a favorite. I can get into almost anything. lol
  4. I like Harry Potter but not obsessed. Pumpkin Pasties sound amazing though. I can't say I have a favorite, I usually don't go all out but I plan to this year.
  5. I am so excited for Halloween! I'm going to bake all kinds of spooky treats. o.o I don't know what/who I'm dressing up as yet. It's so hard to decide.
  6. Pfft I can live with never speaking of age again.
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone! That's actually a relief. I found a couple other communities full of teenagers. Made me feel old. lol
  8. I used to do the same but I'm more careful about what I buy these days since I have limited shelf room. If I find something that interests me I look up reviews or read a few chapters online before committing to the series.
  9. Hello everyone! I've been looking for an active anime forum I can call home and I hope I found one. My name is Tabitha, I'm 28 and have been obsessed with anime for about 10 years however I prefer reading manga.
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