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  1. Omg! I'm just watching the series and the upside down place is right after the shadow ep!
  2. I'll have a look at them when I get a bit more time Please do let me know if anything comes to your mind, much appreciated!
  3. I had a really good look before to find this and I remember looking at the opening but I didn'r reckognise any of the characters apart from shadow but of course he wasn't in the op. I watched quite a few when I was little but my memory isn't the best and this is not quite how I remembered but that usually the case I just had a think last night and I also remembered something which isn't in Galaxy express, I think I got it mixed up with something else... How I remembered is that they got off the train and there was an upside down world... does that sound familiar to you? Thank you again, I was giving up and started to think this must have been just one of my weird dreams but it does exist!
  4. Hi! I've been looking for an anime for ages and ages, I don't remember too much of it as I was very young when I watched it. I've searched for years now so I thought I ask fans instead, maybe somebody will recognise the anime/episode :) Any guesses welcome, I'm desperate :) So all I remember is: Some girls(maybe boys too) got off a train which I believe was floating in the air. They walked into this "icy" (or maybe just icy looking) palace... the floor was made out of glass-coffins with people in it who they knew from the past. They walked further in and met this faceless (or just eyeless) lady with long hair. First she had her face covered with her hair then she revealed her face but there was nothing so everyone was shocked. I believe these guys were asking this lady to let their friends go but I'm not sure if they were alive at all. So that's all I remember, I used to think that it was Sailor Moon, I watched this a lot when I was younger but I didn't find anything to prove this. non or less, this must be some very similar style anime that a girl would watch. Thanks in advance :)

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