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  1. Right here, actually I'm fan of the whole Warriors series. Im also a big fan of the 3 kingdom era so DW games are pretty enjoyable for me. Also always Day 1 for Xingcai. I wish DW 9 info comes already. I logged in 500hrs on DW8 Empires and now I'm just logging in a bunch of hours in SW4 Empires. Hopefully some of the characters from DW Burst makes into the game, especially Mama Wu and Bian Shi. Cao Cao needs his wife in their too if Lui Bei and Sun Quan gets to be with their wife lol.
  2. Like I always do in every forums I join, SALES THREAD. I'll continually post whenever I have time/the new info comes out to start: Japan's Weekly Blu-ray and DVD Rankings for Mar 21 - 27 Blu-ray *1  22,342 22,342 Osomatsu-san Vol.3 Limited Edition *2. 19,987 19,987 Owarimonogatari Vol.4 "Shinobu Mail" Part 1 Limited Edition *3. 17,459 17,459 Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova Cadenza Limited Edition *4. 13,102 13,102 ARIA The NATURAL Blu-ray BOX *5. *8,559 *8,559 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Vol.1 Limited Edition *6. *6,021 *6,021 Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu
  3. <spoilers ahead> Ichigo was a normal middle-school girl that was rope into the world on idols after watching Mizuki’s performance. It was then when Ichigo’s passionate idol activities started. For 2 season + a movie, we saw Ichigo’s journey from rookie idol to the #1 idol in the country. Her passionate idol activities, captivated everyone, and in the end, Ichigo became part of everyone’s life. The emotion of sadness when she lost to Mizuki at the s1 finale, to her finally achieving her dream of becoming the #1 idol in the Movie. Ichigo’s journey was shared by many and in the en
  4. What anime are you watching? Unless you are actually watching a hentai series
  5. Since Senran Kagura EV released, I switch'd over to my Senran Kagura Wallpapers My PC Wallpaper My Vita Wallpaper My phone
  6. I enjoy watching Pokemon shipping wars. They can get extremely aggressive lol
  7. SEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because I enjoy my rage. Kimi no Iru Machi, chapter 256, December 24, 2013. Seo decided to give everyone coals and rage for christmas.
  8. Oh that's why, back in the 90's I still lived in Philippines so I watched the anime that aired mostly in the Philippines since they aired near afternoon-night.
  9. Some of my favorite sports manga Slam Dunk = Basketball Hajime no Ippo = Boxing Prince of Tennis = Tennis Baby Steps = Tennis Eyeshield 21 = Football (american football) Saki = Mahjong (lol yes mahjong) Suzuka (Track and Field, I mean its more of Drama/Romance but the sports is part of the plot) Since people will recommend it might as well add it: Haikyuu = Volleyball Kuroko no Basuke = Basketball
  10. Wasn't that just a term? Most anime was still slotted in depending on type of anime they manage to acquire. Unless memory failed me, CN never had a "block" that had japanimation or japanime as a name
  11. I like the PC/Mac remote play. tbh I tend to play single player games (JRPG, Musou and etc) that most update doesn't really concern me
  12. Funny thing you use Spongebob because I remember Spongebob being popular in Japan. Its considered an anime in Japan. The problem is that people gets mad over such things. Yes, you wouldn't call Spongebob an anime in NA, but not everyone knows what Anime is. Being called a Cartoon isn't looking down at anime, its a term being used to say its an animated show, the term Cartoon has been used in NA or any other country long before "anime" as the right term was used here. Old shows like Voltes V, Slam Dunk, Case Closed all used to be called cartoon in the Philippines Popular network in

  14. Adult Swim had: Code Geass Ghost in the Shell: SAC and 2nd GIG IGPX MS Gundam MS 0080: War in the Pocket MS 083: Stardust Memory Neon Genesis Voltron I think that should be it for Mecha's in Adult Swim
  15. Well seeing that your from Canada and this happened in the Niagara, the only channels I remember that broadcast anime are YTV and Teletoon, and from the top of my head the mecha anime that aired in Canada are: Zoids: CC Zoids Zero Eureka Seven DICE Gundam Wing Medabots Gundam Seed/Destiny Ghost in the Shell: SAC SD Gundamforce Here are some anime that aired in Cartoon Network (mecha) G-Gundam The 08th MS Team NGE Voltron Gurren Lagan Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam Wing Endless waltz Martian Successor Nadesico I haved watched all these shows so Ill see if
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