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  1. Happy birthday ^w^

  2. *hits TychoLorenzo with my spanish teacher* (if is possible )
  3. Im feeling weird, because im living in a country where i dont know the language :v, is weird but not "bad", because im learning that language but is hard some things, and in 1 year I finish my HS (When is supposed im going on 2nd year in college) and i dont know what make of my live :v, maybe I'll return to my country or enroll me in the army of this country. I dont know what to do :'v
  4. cheetos xxtra flamin hot and a coke :F (I want Tacos :'c )
  5. The Lazy Gamer!

  6. Hi! Ok... hmm... i think i need to say something great about me but i don't have nothing amazing to say :v. Let me see, i think i'm a retard because i use much this face ":v" hahaha. I don't know if i seen much anime, but have seen more than 100, school and other things consume much of my time so i can't see a lot of anime in this moment, so i only read mangas. hmm... oh yeah and only tell me "Gueta" (Or Mr.G, a lot of people tell me in that form because they don't want to tell my name , i think because is hard to say) P.S. Sorry if i say something wrong, but i'm a bad writer...
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