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    I like most Anime.... My hero academia, Demon Slayer, chihayafuru, Cased closed, kadochan, and most seasonal stuff
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  1. I could help I like demon Slayer but it does have a professional dud but I really don't care that much(but I am pretty much useless so my help might be minimal sorry)
  2. Well I watched lupin the 3, hadi, candy candy, and kadochan, and cased closed, I love them all a lot and they are all excellent (though some I am having a hard time finding all of the episodes) I would recommend watching them all though these are all ment for a much younger demographic.
  3. Hi... Does anyone want to talk to me about anime I just finished Durarara and I ain't well, also welcome to demon school is slowly killing me... Really everything is killing me so please talk to me!!
  4. Ya I follow it I am going to kill one of those characters of someone doesn't man up and say there feelings I am all caught up btw
  5. I now it is kinda late but it is good. Think of it like Naruto it has a lot of the same short comings but it is fun and I follow it. So if you are a big fan of Naruto(or can ignore the issues with it) then it will be good for you.
  6. Owl


    Hello. I am new to forums and this kinda stuff but I like anime... Soooooo I thought why not I need someone to talk to. I like alot of different animes like chihayafuru or my hero aca. I hope to have the pleasure of knowing you.
  7. Hey I am also new nice to meet you. It is funny I just finished watching the last episode of Durarara 10 minutes ago and diceded that I needed to at least try and join a forum. Nice to meet you.

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