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  1. I really love vocaloid song especially techno beat... I listen it a lot... but right now my favourite is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kGlIkAx_2E
  2. I would like to see ajin for the next season but there is only a ova after 12 episode? I'm disappoint and I really like Sato-san even though he is "ojisan" but he's cool!!
  3. Thanks @bootsies what's your real name? Can I add you with my FB account?
  4. thanks ^.^ and yeah I want to upgrade my skill because I have a little portofolio... Please like my page if you like I want to make another project If I confidence with my skill..
  5. Erased is good and everyone say it manga more interesting than the anime... in the begining I found it really interesting but I can read the plot after the half of the movie... It remind me of westren movie which I forgot the movie's name.. and I think it's more interesting than erased...
  6. I'm watching one piece right now...
  7. Hello guys, I'm planning on giving a free drawing comission because I want to improve my drawing skill, I could draw a animefan art for you. I can draw 1 character and background with it from anime character or vocaloid. I won't draw 18+ or echi stuff. You can use it for your wallpaper on anything. You can visit my page on https://www.facebook.com/laruuna/. I will give you High Quality picture (jpg file with 300 res, size A4-A3 is up to you). So the requirement are: -like my page - tag 4 people who like anime movie in this comment below - share this post on your wall There are 4 winner in this event and it will close on July 16th 2016. I will announce on 1 day after that. Thanks for a coperation Here's the example of my drawing
  8. I love Yuki Kajiura and Sawano Hiroyuki works... why there's no thread about them in here... They're awesome
  9. thanks everyone ^.^ it's cool forum because it got notification if my message replied but a little bit confusing for the first time I used it... I'll try to learn it
  10. hello guys I'm new on this forum. I really like anime and love to have a friend for a chat... nice to meet you ^.^
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