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    Naruto, Fairy Tail, Attack On Titan, Assasination High, RWBY, Sword Art Online, And, Vocaloid even though it isnt an anime :o


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  1. what anime are you.

    1. Xyro


      amanchu, im hikari ^w^

  2. Balls to the walls my friends. balls to the walls :3

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMkJDPvJxdk&index=120&list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4

    1. iQbliviqn_



  4. I Cry Everytime ;-; :'(:'( latest?cb=20160722054515
  5. So, I Was thinking that, We have a forums, and we dont have any games or anything for it, So I thought maybye we should make a game like, A Simple rpg. like, Naruto Online And I Heard someone who works with Nightmare Engine has joined our forums, So I Thought it would be interesting to have a game for our forums, A Simple rpg nothing to serious,
  6. [INDENT]U R Phat :chihiro:[/INDENT]

  7. Almost got hit by a car while playing Pokemon GO. Im addicted af.

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    2. iQbliviqn_


      Like, Who hasnt almost met the same fate i almost got.

    3. Xyro


      I haven't XD then again, i quit Pokemon go ;) i just don't get it :-P

    4. iQbliviqn_


      I Quit too ;P Now for my pokemon go, my character doesnt move when I Walk.

  8. So you're suppose to be that girl who teamed up with kirito in Gun Art Online? Idk, I Havent watched SAO in a while ;-; But I Did remember your character in reality in the anime was afriad with guns.

    1. Frost


      Sinon ends up teaming up with Kirito in Gun Gale Online, yes. :3 I enjoy her character, as I feel she has some very good "layers" about her. In reality, she had a fear of guns because of a traumatizing experience she went through as a child. She used GGO as a type of "therapy" for overcoming her fears. Her virtual character is a badass! But her real person is also very good.

    2. iQbliviqn_


      And kirito Looked like a girl, So when they were CHANGING clothes in the girls "room" kirito revealed he was a boy and then it went south. then it went on the right track AGAIN

  9. Ah, TBH Lubbock and Chelsea Are my favorites! Its been like a month since you posted this. So I Hope you got to the episode with chelsea!
  10. So here are some theories, That lead to why people HATE Akame Ga Kill 2. The Title! So, We all know the main character is tatsumi. Then why did they name it "AKAME GA KILL" if akame isnt the main character. Like What tf. 3. The Deaths So these are the TOP 3 Reasons people hate Akame Ga Kill.
  11. 3 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #NoobGoals xD

    1. Frost



  12. I Wasnt paying attention and My age got wrong .-.

  13. Ur cool so im just gonna follow you xD

    1. Frost


      xD why, thank you! I beg to differ, but we all have our opinions! lol!

    2. iQbliviqn_
  14. I Thought it was litterly drilled into her head 0-0
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