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  1. 🎵 It's Friday!  🎵 It's Friday!  🎶 Even though it's Wednesday!  :D


  2. Almost 4AM and still can't sleep... someone come over and hit me with a frying pan 😂😂

    1. LovingthisAnimething


      Thats how I am too sometimes, lol! This should do it: Slap or punch yourself hard 5 or 6 times . Your body will then become tired, and urge you to go to sleep. As it is now in recovery mode to heal your wounds that you inflicted upon yourself. And with that, enjoy a good night of sleep for days to come!

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving y’all


    1. LovingthisAnimething


      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  4. Two new-employee interviews (and associated paperwork) appeared on my schedule today.  What part of “I’m taking Wednesday off” did my boss not understand?  :veryangry::veryangry:

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