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  1. Yeah, it's a shame the game isn't popular. At least there are some people who still enjoy the game after all this time which must mean the game must be already good as it is, so as long as there are enough players to play a match, I'm happy. But it would be nice to have it remastered.
  2. I'm a pretty big fallout fan. If you want the background, it's in the "attached Files" tab. Titled AAbg.
  3. I decided to use a bathtub to grow carrots. Now whenever someone asks me about my childhood the first thing I tell them is that I once grew carrots in a bathtub, surprisingly enough this really breaks the ice. The bathtub was not in use and it was kept in a greenhouse that my family owned so the carrots were perfectly fine to eat. Now I have a weird obsession for carrots I eat at least one every two days or so. I still have no idea why they kept a bathtub in a greenhouse. Wow, I had a pretty awesome childhood.
  4. Yeah! you win at being second.
  5. It's an OK live action movie, I mean it could be better but what do you expect from a cheap live action movie? I'm just happy it isn't like the Dragonball Live action movie (Dragonball: Evolution). ^Wouldn't ever watch that...
  6. I'm from Scotland so I'm British!
  7. Ha, I know right? It's kinda' weird that it fits so well with the anime!
  8. Ima' just jump right in so that I win! GG BOIZ!
  9. Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! ... Titan shifting!
  10. I watch it on either my PS4 or my desktop. Usually, my desktop because my build takes up 1/3 of my room.

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