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  1. I've been listening to this 24/7! [MEDIA=youtube]f-r4nOBm26s[/MEDIA] So nostalgic! Us incapable of beating the first boss and you throwing up bc of those olives in our kiddy champagne.

    1. Frost


      Oh my god :D LOL I totally forgot about that! hahaha I miss our youth. So much~

  2. I love you

    1. PommesFrites


      I love you to you nerd (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

    2. Frost
  3. [B]Hey Booooooo :brocolli:[/B]

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    2. PommesFrites


      Thank Belgrade and Optic! Duh boo, of course I joined. You'll have to stream with me fo sho now.

    3. Wodahs


      so Kirry if your the out going self proclaimed stalker type is your cousin/sister PommieFriters the quiet shy one ?? hello and welcome also PF :)

    4. Frost


      Nah! She's also a stalkerish type. She's just much more discrete about it :D

  4. Glad you brought up the topic! I took a Japanese gender and sexuality course while attending Kansai Gaidai last year, and it was pretty eye opening! We talked about the korean women who suffered under the Japanese 'comfort woman' system during WW2, current lesbian and gay lifestyles/lack of visibility, and general sexual education students in japan receive (or the lack thereof). It was really shocking to me when we discussed just how much women there lack agency when entering in and maintaining relationships. Some female japanese dormmates were also in the class but were often s
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