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  1. At the moment I only play Paladins and Witcher 3. If I get interested in others, I will mention it .
  2. I agree with what Belgrade said. Like so, we limit the constant changes on titles as well as the value loss. Another way that could possibly work is to earn the title through some form of forums activity that you've done. For example, winning a forum event (achieving the best score), or from your time spent on the forums (being online and available, possibly for the number of posts you have). It could also act as a nickname to symbolize something that you are good at e.g. I could have the title 'Brush Master' if I was really good at painting, and I showed my work on the forums.
  3. To me, the Anime itself is pretty intense and gives those goose bumps during the fights. Although the main character (Ichigo) just feels overpowered to me, he has his flaws, and over time he undergoes training to overcome them. Feels fairly balanced as opposed to Captain Levi on 'Attack on Titan'.
  4. Tough question, and hard to remember. I believe my first game was Ratchet and Clank on PS2.
  5. If allowed, Coyote Starrk when he releases his sword. He is from Bleach.
  6. Sometimes I imitate Urahara from Bleach. I always laugh when he goes "Long time no see" in Japanese. Gets me everytime.
  7. Bleach is my favourite. It may remain this way unless I find a better series.
  8. The first anime is called HighSchool DxD, and the character is called Isse. I am not quite sure about the second anime. HighSchool DxD was okay on all the season, but it just contained too much nudity.
  9. ♣ Night Gathers ♣

  10. Hello, My name is Keyaron. I found this community while delving into the anime side of Google, and I have to say that it looks promising. I hope I will get to know many of you! A little bit about me, hmm; well I have to say that I am very kind, and I do not like to judge other people. If anyone wants to talk about their social life or just need someone to talk to, I can help. Other than that, I come from Italy and my interests are: Archery, a little bit of anime once in a while and videogames. Nice to meet you!
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