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  1. an updated video collection shot;
  2. 25 years of selective collecting;
  3. a modest little collection of dolls and paraphernalia spanning the near-25 year history of this classic series of Japanese-market Visual Novels; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Heart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Heart_2 -from LEFT to RIGHT- Lucy Maria Misora; https://to-heart.fandom.com/wiki/Lucy_Maria_Misora Konomi Yuzuhara; https://to-heart.fandom.com/wiki/Konomi_Yuzuhara Tamaki Kousaka; https://to-heart.fandom.com/wiki/Tamaki_Kousaka HMX-12 "Multi" https://to-heart.fandom.com/wiki/Multi Ruuko Kireinasora as a Fairy Ballerina Pop-Idol,
  4. i'd at least feel compelled to give a sympathy hug over her most unfortunate Eye-owie...
  5. discovered this great, multifaceted 2017 Golf-themed game a bit late on, and it's rather flexible character creation system;
  6. actually, technically, a good while longer, since i vaguely recall sitting through an episode of ROBOTECH as a very young boy around what must have been sometime in 1986 or so. a nephew gave me his old 1985 REVELL ROBOTECH CHANGERS VEXAR transformable model (U.S. market reboxing of 1983 IMAI MACROSS VF-1S Focker 1/72 VARIABLE TYPE) around 1988/1989 or so, and then i got a taste of Mecha Anime tropes at a more readily-impressionable age around 1991, thanks to the Mecha action-platfomer game "ASSAULT SUIT LEYNOS" (TARGET EARTH in the U.S.) on the SEGA GENESIS games console.
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