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  1. I'm actually a pretty big manga enthusiast, so I'm tempted to list a plethora of titles, but I'll try to keep it concise. First of all, even though I had discovered Berserk recently (around 3 years ago, which is a short time compared to how many years people in this community have been around for), I quickly realized this would be the best manga I would probably ever read. I expect it to stay as my number one for a very long time to come. That being said, currently holding the second spot would have to be Kokou no Hito (The Climber), although the Japanese title actually translates to "a solitary man". I had read it also very recently, about half a year ago and it left a fresh impact that has yet to be surpassed by something else. The manga is based on a novel with the same name, which in turn is based on a real life person by the name of Katō Buntarō who shares certain similarities with the main character. Because of this it tackles more literary themes, such as man vs self, man vs nature, adversity, self sacrifice, much like Berserk. The story follows the life of Mori Buntarou and his heroic journey to become an exceptional mountain climber. I have to admit, the first 32 chapters don't give the best first impression. They focus on Buntarou's high school years and initiation into climbing, and they suffer from quite a couple of cliches. The artwork in the beginning is also inferior compared to the rest of the series. However, despite the somewhat misleading first quarter, it picks up abruptly for the remainder of the story. It's a complicated story with striking art and visual symbolism, which I think is what the mangaka went for. It's a coming of age story, but not the slice of life type, it has a rather realistic/pessimistic tone to it. Even thought it's categorized as a sports series, I find it to be more of a psychological manga, but it offers a lot of insight into mountains and the sport of climbing. It does a great job at evoking powerful feelings out of the reader. I consider it to be a work of art, in the truest sense of the word. It's a shame that it has no English publication. It was officially translated only in Italian and Chinese. I would love to have the whole physical collection in English but as of right now scans are probably the only way to read it in English. Aside from that, other titles that I'm fond of are The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves, which is actually a Korean manhwa series. It's one of the best Karate Kid type formulas that I have encountered. Great artwork, drama, martial arts, the whole package.
  2. I enjoy a few games from almost every major genre, but I’ll just focus on a couple of games of a pretty specific kind here. I love relaxing games where I feel like I’m part of the world. That translates into games with a story in which I’m more than the gun or sword that rips through enough enemies to win, and where my actions have consequences. I like talking to characters, and having some choice in where the conversation goes. It doesn’t matter if I get to create a character or if I’m given one, or if they’re a guy or a girl, or how old they are, as long as I can relate deeply enough that I feel I am that character while playing, wanting the same things my character wants, experiencing the emotions they experience. A beautiful and realistic setting draws me in. I don’t need graphics that aim to reconstruct real life to the finest of details, and beautiful doesn’t mean colorful or pretty. I’m captured by 2.5D games, 16 bit games, and games with cartoon styling. A realistic setting isn’t one in which it’s the present day and no one has any super powers, but it is one where the suspension of disbelief is maintained, where people act like people instead of plot devices, and where I don’t keep thinking of all the stupidly easy ways this situation could have been avoided from the get-go by 11 year olds with a little bit of sense. The richness of the story also counts for a lot. The more I feel like the story is an experience my character is having in a world, and the less it feels like the entirety of that world, the better. I want to hear about my past, where my friends lived before I met them, that party everyone else went to, what kind of pizza I like, the ex-girlfriend I hope never to see again, and a hundred other little things that make a story feel full and rich.
  3. 1. Hunter x Hunter 2.Death note 3.Shingeki no Kyoijn 4.Steins: Gate 5. One Pice 6. Kim no na wa 7. Naruto
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    The Minecraft Topic

    For me, the minecrift phenomenon is surprising. On the one hand, when I was younger, I spent quite a lot of hours on it building strange buildings, I walked and collected all the necessary things and even met some really cool people, on the other hand, when I look at it from the perspective of a few years, it seems to me now I wouldn't have the patience for this style of play. Not enough explosions haha! Of course, from time to time I play with my sister, but it is a maximum of 2 hours and I am already bored. Although when I'm in the store and I see a backpack / t-shirt etc. with a minecraft theme, I want to buy it right away: D
  5. I'm currently playing a sniper. I love this type of game. Practically every time I get drawn in so that in my free time I can't focus on anything other than playing. I have been playing the sniper for a week and I am currently struggling with a mission that I have not been able to complete since yesterday. I'm already so pissed off, but the game can't beat me! The mission is to sneak into the enemy's base and steal data from his computer and I really don't know what I'm doing wrong because either I get hit by their sniper, which I can't locate, or he blows me up
  6. As it was my dad who infected me with love for manga dragonball was the first thing to do. I remember sitting and reading to me in the evenings. I was delighted with the pictures as they were. The first manga I read myself was Chugo Chara. And although it was a long time ago, the sentiment remained and to this day it is Chungo Chara that is my favorite. I love to come back to her every now and then and although I know her by heart, I love her completely! Every time I enjoy it as much as the first time
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